Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pretty Ballerinas Spring-Summer 2012: full color


Pretty Ballerinas Talking is talking about different and unique dancers. Original designs, bright colors and especially loaded. This is the new Spring-Summer collection 2012, to which it perfect if your preference is to go flat.



The explosion of color is the main protagonist of the entire collection, but this line is especially so. The mixture of bright colors, the style colored block, these models end up inspired by the bazaars of the Middle East, particularly in Tel Aviv, Istanbul and Qatar.

Tea or T?


A dancer unlike any line design Tea or T? With strap and buckle detail and a bow and is a model created for Mother's Day. It is inspired by a perfect plan for any mom English: take their daughters the Ritz in London to take tea, sandwiches and small cakes. So in one of those evenings with too "T", the firm has created this new design with an air of tango and vivid colors like apple green or orange.



After all the stripes and animal prints, the most chic summer are moles. Designed specifically for travel, or south of France and walk up St Tropez between glamor and elegance, or a night dancing flamenco in Seville. Although this is his inspiration, of course, this model so you can retro look when you want.



The summer and the beach is the perfect time to surprise our most striking looks. Pretty Ballerinas surprise this season with a new model: Jane, a technological design created especially for the beach with a non-slip rubber sole, soft elastic to fit perfectly to the foot, and a cushioned insole and waterproofed for long walks by the sea. In bright neon colors, this version has been waterproofed to withstand contact with water and breathable to keep dry perfect and wonderful manicured fingers.

Weddings, Baptisms and communions


This model is available in three sizes, but here we only see the big one. Rosario, Julietta and Hannah are three options for three different ages: carved ivory satin and adorned with a bow in nude are perfect for a special occasion. For us are perfect to wear after a long day at a wedding, for example, or even the bride herself. And for little princesses of the house, there are in tamañao mini.


Swarovski rosary-quilting-black-suede-side.jpg

Like them or do not like Swarovski crystals always make you feel special. So for the most sophisticated and wanting to get away from the heels, opt for a night like this model, carved in black face.



Another model is the Shirley elegant, supple and super soft and comfortable old pair in champagne satin. A very soft and casual design to make you feel glamorous.


A tribute to two great stars of the music. On the one hand, a dancer inspired the Sex Pistols, the punk band of all time, and another in The Rolling Stone to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his first concert in London. (No photo available)



Unable to resist the designs of cruise collections and passion for the lines and themes sailors. Always elegant and combined with white, the next season still carries the nautical style.



Vintage look especially striking and original, if you look like a fun look, choose this model loaded with buttons. This is a dancer in honor of all the grandmothers who spent the day with the thimble and needle sewing buttons and mending our clothes after having broken play. Something interesting right?


Many models are available in maxi for moms and mini version for kids, so that both look the same. The model Liz, for moms, and Hannah for kids, is a moccasin colorful turquoise, yellow, and green water.

In Jared | Pretty Ballerinas Autumn-Winter 2011/2012: Luxury Special
In Jared | Pretty Ballerinas Autumn-Winter 2011/2012: dedicated to journalists

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