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Progress Spring-Summer 2012 Vanity Fair: welcome colors


And along with advances in fashion next Spring-Summer 2012 , today is the turn for the presentation of lingerie and swimwear for Vanity Fair. Under the name of Welcome Colours, the lingerie brand color fills us both undergarments and bath, based on floral motifs, geometric shapes and exotic. A refreshing recipe to get the hottest season of the year.



In the line of underwear we could see a little of everything. And there are models to suit all tastes and all the trends. From simple and comfortable clothes, carved in cotton and a variety of colors, floral sets every day, even the more elaborate pieces for the sexiest night.

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Lace is one of the essential tissues, and how, a classic lingerie. Now we see mostly in culottes and high-waisted panties, beginning to predominate over the thongs, the latter also are continuing, do not disappear. White and black are the main colors as we see in these images, and both models feature a special way to enhance the ass.

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Other colors are pink, blue or turquoise klein.

20111124-1446.jpg img00822-

20111124-1449.jpg img00826-

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The bridal line is marked by white broken. Sexy panty sets, bra bandeau and league, and one of the garments stars: the bodice. The semi-transparent fabrics, lace and chiffon dress leavers this extremely feminine collection. A style know-how necessary for special occasions.

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Ribbons, lace, polka dots ... all the details are small for these proposals as sophisticated, caring each piece with lots of care and special way.

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The line consists of comfortable maternity pajamas, camisoles in gray, black and crude masculine cut pants and camisoles open in front. Of course, you can not miss special fasteners, all very flirtatious, away from the proposals to which we are accustomed to hospital rooms. In this case the gray model has a white lace and chiffon detail and in the same tone and style other designs sailor. They have double layer to nurse the baby.

20111124-1430.jpg img00814-


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The sailor and the style floral print swimwear mark next summer in Vanity Fair. And all this with much, much color. Flowers, stripes and retro-inspired swimsuits are the main trends in the bathroom to look at the beach and pool.

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The sailor style is seen in striped patterns or boats, with color combinations that never fail: white, red and navy. Bikinis triangle shaped pad to enhance cleavage of those Tengi less chest.

20111124-1430.jpg img00813-

20111124-1429.jpg img00811-

The floral print is almost absolute protagonist of swimsuits and bikinis. The trend is more romantic, yet retro touches. Ideally, this strapless swimsuit with a metal butterfly in the center, a detail that makes the piece even more sophisticated.

20111124-1432.jpg img00816-

One of the big news this summer are the bandeau bikini with ring for the chest that you have more good and I hold that in the case of the smaller sizes, do not crush.

20111124-1428.jpg img00807-

The colors are red and pink tones stars.

20111124-1433.jpg img00817-

I found this swimsuit spectacular. Elegant and hyper-feminine, well-defined curves, were one of my favorite proposals. The small polka dots retro-style brand, as this model in green water with ruffled detail.

20111124-1428.jpg img00809-

The classics are marked by white. This particular piece has double fabric so it does not clear anything from your body when you go out of some, and also features push up effect in the rear.

20111124-1429.jpg img00810-

And even with sequins, a trend not only in evening wear. Discrete, but sequins.

20111124-1427.jpg img00806-

This is the pledge triquini star of the collection. An abstract patterned piece, iridescent colors. Divine!

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