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Street fashion: the style of wearing a shirt or blouse

Street Fashion: shirt

The possible combinations that have a shirt or blouse are endless. Each style has a different and each person can come up with a new one that is not used. What is clear is that this type of garment changes seasonally and there are ways to wear it more current look in fashion on the street to sign up.

The fashion of the neck

Fashion Collars

This season the neck rule. They are used to update previous items or to buy but thought to give the neck a special role. Joll Burr looks Esprit blouse collars and distinguishing one from the rest of the look.

Neck jersey

As for shirts and blouses that come to life over the different clothes, Anni also shows your look with this design for H & M in a good style that adds a jersey and pants of the same firm, shoes bicolor Zara and jacket New Yorker. The bag is from Primark .

Studded collars fashionable in the street

Fashion involves studded collars or similar to give them a special and distinctive touch. Antonacci Lena notes and mark their own design.

Print blouse fashion on the street

The collars have to call attention to and what better than this are of a piece with bright colors, it looks like Coury Combs , his own signature Fancy Tree House.

Extensive forms outside the trousers

Shirt broad street fashion

Nothing to wear tight shirts, pants and leaving the fall alone. They are the ones stolen from the male wardrobe and suggest that broad fashion . Gorolo choose this model Kasia Motel Rocks mustard color that blends with black and navy blue, with a jacket and boots Stradivarius Mango .

Wide red black street fashion

The large shapes and minimalism looks have shaped than in previous seasons did not get much. Farewell to the figure with clothes look very spacious. The idea is as Anastasia Siantar ago: clothing wide (here with a shirt Romwe and Chicwish layer in addition to the Jeffrey Campbell) with room for tighter times, as in this case means.

Fashion shirts out on the street

The shirts are carried out, key detail to avoid otherwise. Shirts that look more like that, outside the collar, cuffs are folded and low look. Morven SW combines very well the different parts adding a touch purple hat in -catalog and burgundy in the spoils of the same brand. The bag is Romwe.

Fashion denim shirt on the street

Do not forget the denim shirt that has joined a priori more formal looks very good result. Hedvig Opshaug Céline choose this design and combines it with the long coat Oasis, pants COS and also bag Céline .

Fashion scarf shirt on the street

The masculine style takes over several closets and a nice scarf, which is RIGO Amélie wears H & M, any look a lot better.

Color Fashion on the street look

Nor should we forget that this winter is one of the most colorful of recent years. Minji Kim is very clear and can be seen in blue and green .

Thinking about work

Look Fashion Street work

Innovation at work can not go beyond a point and plays more formal look. With a blazer and trousers stuck to the low back to get it right, like with the blouse. The twist is provided by the sequined clutch Zara (like the rest of garments chosen Alexandra Per ) and gold shoes .

Plaid Street Fashion

A touch more romantic and sumándonos the taste for tartan. Steffys achieves a look of 10 where the finest shirt looks great under the short dress.

Fashion print blouse on the street

On the basis of patterns we can find many blouses this season. Patterns like this that chooses Imogen De Souza combines with a blue leather jacket from TK Maxx. A choice between romantic and rebellious.

Military Street Fashion

With so much military taste for it never hurts to have a look and between basic and clothing that are renewed. Kaitlyn Tru green mixture (Romwe) to gray ( BDG ), The black and burgundy in H & M boots.

Animal print fashion on the street

A twist this season: animal print blouses. Without fail, especially snakes. Andy Torres has his from Monki in gray pants combined with these American Apparel , Givency bag and leather jacket H & M.

Transparencies, oh, the slides

Street Fashion Transparency

The blouses this season may be of many types and dominant trends but between those seeking a greater "risk" is to leave little to the imagination. Transparencies can take over many existing sets. Hallie S. also falls into this spell with a design of Zara fashion on the green.

Transparency Topos Street Fashion

Transparencies and moles, a winning combination. Francesca GM includes shorts with lace and patent leather shoes.

Photos | E-Girl Galant , Joll Burr , Anni , Coury Combs , Kasia Gorolo , Anastasia Siantar , Morven SW , Hedvig , Amélie RIGO , Minji Kim , Alexandra Per , Steffys , Imogen De Souza , Kaitlyn Tru , Andy Torres , Hallie S , Francesca GM

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