Friday, November 25, 2011

Tommy Hilfiger capsule collection Christmas: stay checked


Tommy Hilfiger presents his capsule collection: Preppy Holidays, which offers us a selection of classic preppy reinterpreted for men, women and children that they can serve as a perfect Christmas gift option. The collection, which has the pictures print as the main protagonist, these days just landed in stores.


Holidays Preppy clothing includes schoolgirl style , from a jumper, pleated skirt to a ruffled plaid shirt and a set of pajamas for the family pictures. And is that the pattern is designed especially for the occasion and inspired by the Scottish Tartan, available on shirts, pajamas, scarves, and as part of unsuspected details on the back of low chinos or cuffs of a classic blazer.


Also available a wide selection of accessories such as gloves, umbrellas, scented candles and even rag dolls. The designer says:

Christmas is the most fun capsule collection we have ever designed as a signature. It's wonderful to be able to offer something unique and different to our customers around the world. The capsule collection consists of a series of timeless and exclusive gifts, all of which incorporate the distinctive Tommy Hilfiger twist.


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