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With you all the best British model 2011. Stella Tennant Congratulations!


Few models at age 41 without being one of the supermodels of the 90 can afford to open and close a Chanel fashion show or starring in numerous campaigns class. Stella Tennant is one of those privileged, which without unwittingly became an emblem of generational change of the gateways that emerged in the second half of the 90.

His androgynous look not only opened the doors of fashion but became a landmark to this day, being without doubt one of the forerunners of this peculiar look. But it all boils down to a look or a face, Stella Tennant is one of the most professional models can be found on the runway, few can boast of having had 4 children and return to the catwalk for Chanel, Dior and Burberry.

Perhaps for this reason and also because of the huge number of campaigns over the past year featuring (H & M, Zara, Chanel, etc. ..), Stella Tennant has been awarded as best British model in 2011 by the British Fashion Awards .


Although born in Scotland took much of his youth to England. Affluent and wealthy family, and even relationships within the British royalty, his studies were oriented to the domestic arts, more specifically the world of sculpture, joining the prestigious School of the Arts in Winchester.

Alli begin to meet people involved in the fashion magazines and prestigious publishers. Just would build a friendship with a Vogue editor, who would encourage you to participate in a photo shoot with a non-models for the magazine

1996__stella_tennant.jpg First cover in 1996 - W Magazine

These images llegarona the eyes of the industry greats such as Steven Meisel and Bruce Weber who were enthusiastic about the androgynous look of our hero, something so rare then.

It would not be even a year from these pictures and you would have it in 93 front of a camera to Steven Meisel in the Versace campaign with Linda Evangelista, not controversy through his pierced nose, something very unusual for the time and she refused to remove even if some firms were not appropriate.


But it was the first designer Karl Lagerfeld to bet on it and the first that came to the gateway. Love at first sight, the Kaiser has since Stella has its peculiar pantheon of favorites. "Stella is more in tune with modern fashion trends that Claudia" he said in 1994, the German designer. All of a visionary indeed, that after the withdrawal of big tops were search and seizure of a referent.

Thus Stella signing an exclusive contract with Chanel to be his image during the second half of the 90, years in which experienced its golden age on the catwalk until 1998 year would be pregnant with her ​​first child announcing his retirement from the gateways.


But soon the bug again, a year later back to the runway but at a much lower, becoming pregnant again, although this was not an obstacle to star in Burberry campaigns for the brand or parade London just three months of giving light.

These comings and goings and through pregnancy comes to have her fourth child in 2005 and yet the designers have her stick between their shows. Something unheard of and available to very few models, which earned him not only to star in various editorial and make occasional appearances on the catwalk, but also the image we would like Burberry, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton among others.

Chanel Spring-Summer-2011-ad-campaign-stella-tennant.jpg

This curious second youth lives its zenith in the 2011, when Karl Lagerfeld parades rescues for their haute couture season and giving it center stage, opening the shows in addition to star in Chanel campaign this season, and still image both Zara, H & M and Celine among others, showing a face so seriously never had much success. Has anyone seen Stella Tennant ever smile?

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