Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tonight is New Year's Eve party night: Happy 2012!


Still do not know what style to dump tonight? Black, red or golden tones are star for the new year. Open your closet or go to stores that are still open, because there are lots of proposals and sizes. I've checked this morning. Sequins, lace, metallic ... which one do you prefer?

The 2011 was the year of Florence Welch


Remember when we told you about Jared Florence Welch? Was it something more than a year , we anticipate the portal WhoWhatWear and ... we were right. The young singer was opening this year in the fashion industry with its different style, their profession and rub shoulders with the biggest fashionistas. Now, let's see how 2011 has been the fashion for the redhead.

Sweet home Arizona: Lagerfeld and Fendi Dolce Vita for Summer 2012

fendi.jpg ç

Another campaign, an image. Nothing Meisels, or Sorrentis Piggots. A Karl Lagerfeld has always loved and just get by and just enough to almost everything except for supermodel and star in their own campaigns. He behind the camera and Arizona Muse front of her.

The new year between pastel


Receive the new year in pastel is also an option. Not everything is serious and dark colors. Light colors are a good way to enter the year in a relaxed and different. Trends suggest a soft angora sweaters or wool virgin peter pan collared dresses, accessories delicate ...

We can roll back those tones used clothes but everything is daring. Do not hesitate and have a Christmas sweet, relaxed and romantic.

Live with Style: Jezebel weekly schedule (XX)


Last day of 2011. Do you plan for today? It's a special day to take stock of the good and bad (as Mecano's song) and take out the last hours of this year which for some has been very good, others less so. In 2012 lurks around the corner (more in a few hours and be with the party favors) and to appear more quickly we will make plans with family or alone, as you prefer.

Advance collection Women 'Secret Spring-Summer 2012

secret women lookbook spring 2012 3

We'll let the progress of the Spring-Summer 2012 collections passed us a few rays of sunshine and light which makes us much needed in this harsh winter. Women 'Secret brings its new proposals in lingerie, swimwear collection, and clothing to be home to enter the spring season off right.

Melancholy portraits by Frida Kahlo and Valentino. Summer 2012 Campaign


A risky and painful life, an expression of melancholy and art, a beautiful dress and the color of blood. Valentino has chosen the figure of Frida Kahlo to express the commitment of the firm by his wife of summer 2012. Zuzanna Bijoch, Maud Welzen, Bette Sun Fei Fei and Franke, these are the women who  

In Jared | Valentino Spring-Summer 2012: playing to the extremes

In Jared | Valentino Fall-Winter 2011/2012: this sad fashion

Campaign Bottega Veneta Spring-Summer 2012: a dress, an illusion


No gimmicks. Bottega Veneta's campaign Summer 2012 fashion shows as it is, up close and no tricks to distract us from its essence. And this time is the essence of a dress. As the emerald Caribbean Sea, python embossing and fauna of the jungle.

The best brands in fashion in 2011 for Jezebel


As we did with blogs and street style, from the Jezebel choose our favorite brands in a particular year with the intention of showing the personal taste of a team as varied.

Dresses by 2011-end

Vestidos de fin de año 2011:de lentejuelas

Today is New Year! And you probably already have your dress for tonight (and if not, by now you've gone into panic), but do a quick review of the proposals for this New Year because it is the best way to share with you this time as special and wish you a very happy 2012!

First of all, if they are still thinking what to wear tonight, I recommend you read our post with the keys to convert a black dress in a perfect party dress . If the problem is you have many different options, remember that far wrong if you bet for insurance sequined dresses , lace or back neckline .

And if you plan to go last minute shopping, I suggest some cheap clothes , and leave you below the links to the various proposals of our favorite brands, so you go knowing what you'll find;)

  1. White
  2. Zara
  3. Zara TRF
  4. H & M
  5. Bershka
  6. Stradivarius
  7. Pull & Bear
  8. Handle
  9. Primark

Now tell us why did you look leaning party this year!

Fashion online shopping to a single click, goodbye to the physical stores


Before you chose a day, one hour, organize all your plans impossible to square with the intention of taking a few minutes free, what clothing you give thought to be comfortable, you fix, you went to where you want, you took the respective means of transport, you opened the door, you could hear were spending within and immediately turn the question: I can help you? Today online shopping only thing I question is: what is your card number?

Duel between sisters Elle and Dakota Fanning ¿for Teen Vogue?


Christmas, a time of fellowship, family reunions until the CURP and champagne make us fail, time of smiles and cordiality ... because in this time we are concerned we have decided to stand up to all this Christmas goodism with a deadly duel, a fight KO between two women, two sisters, the blood of the same blood.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Watch this Christmas gift: give the time in classic or avant-garde?

Still not sure what to give for Christmas. Since we propose a gift Jared very handy, stylish and with the always true: a clock. Whether you have several different models and colors is a perfect complement that can change depending on time of day and styling that looks

Slayer is sexy campaign Moschino Spring-Summer 2012


Summer 2012 campaign killer of Moschino . Costume, the world by storm, look proud and pose several ears have been cut. So his wife Moschino us for Summer 2012, Kasia Struss, who Juergen Teller, head of the campaign a second time, immortalized No gimmicks, no visible photoshop disasters that leave us in an exclamation point.

Platforms ... ¿Are you in?


We speak of a trend very well-rooted in the street, the platforms should not be confused with the classic wedge shoe or booty. The platforms are much more bold, striking and, we assured that only the most daring dare each house. But if you dare, can give a very cool any style if you walk manages them, of course. Hanneli Mustarpata already pointed out and combined in the most simple of the world ... Look!

Golden mile, golden tread. The 2012 Summer Gucci campaign gracefully steps


Gradually we are going shelling campaigns for Spring-Summer 2012. The contemplation is not the feat of Christmas, not just talking about models, photographers, framing, but the big betting trends reflected in an image creators . Take pen and paper and see what he says Gucci .

The Italian brand image reflects what campaigns, fashion and trends and advising are: shoes arrive at ground level. But we, as I warn you the essential tips for fashionistas this Christmas , we will definitely stay with the platforms will survive much? Are about two days? Seize, seize to look tall, splendid and the most comfortable I think there is little.

In Jared | Who's who? Nina Ricci and wandering soul

In Jared | Max Mara asked the hand of Braw Saskia and she gave his arm

Topshop Spring-Summer 2012: Will you be one of these cupcakes?


Many firms are taking advantage of this end of the year and presents its Spring-Summer 2012. Today, what has been added to this car is the British firm Topshop . And what? Just glancing through your collection you can anticipate that if you love the pastel colors that you're in luck: pink, nude, yellow and blue on their premises for this new season.

Get the year with style with pants, your favorite garment


We're almost at the end of the year night, you know and your style? In Jared we have given many recommendations, especially with skirts and dresses. Have you thought about wearing pants? Garment is comfortable, more abrigadita and very sophisticated. Of course, it must be combined with style in a special night.

Parfois, a low cost accessory store

Parfois, una tienda de accesorios low cost Parfois is an accessory store has improved a lot, and each time is more than the latest trends and offers necklaces, bags, bracelets and other accessories of the most interesting, and to cap it at a good price.

I do not think it is an exaggeration that today is the best low cost accessory shop because it has a good balance between new trends and cheap prices. And also has online store :).

I propose to review the very best of autumn winter 2011/2012 collection of Parfois:

Parfois, una tienda de accesorios low cost Skulls Bracelet EUR 8.99
Parfois, una tienda de accesorios low cost Finite studded belt, chain and tassel 7.99
Parfois, una tienda de accesorios low cost Gold ring with a knot 4.99
Parfois, una tienda de accesorios low cost Bowling bag with studs 27.99
Parfois, una tienda de accesorios low cost 17.99 fringed bib necklace
Parfois, una tienda de accesorios low cost Gold dress shoes 19.99
Parfois, una tienda de accesorios low cost Party Bag 17.99

Oysho, December lookbook

oysho lookbook de diciembre Have not you seen the December Oysho lookbook? In this Christmas the Oysho ideal gifts are one of the most recurring! Well, think it a little in you and get sexy lingerie like Oysho for the month of December!

In the last month of the year, Oysho presents his collection of sexy lingerie! For this Christmas colored underwear and of course black, red, are the absolute protagonists. This Oysho lookbook is a common trend, the transparencies underwear, sexy but cold as they come! : D

Take this time to renew your underwear and do not miss the December Oysho lookbook!

Oysho December lookbook

oysho lookbook de diciembre
oysho lookbook de diciembre
oysho lookbook de diciembre
oysho lookbook de diciembre
oysho lookbook de diciembre
oysho lookbook de diciembre
oysho lookbook de diciembre
oysho lookbook de diciembre
oysho lookbook de diciembre

Have you bought Oyhso lingerie for the holidays?

Balenciaga Spring-Summer 2012 campaign, with tousled hair (and no means of color)


There are campaigns that do not understand. And is that instead of enhancing garments, detract. Or I do not understand the images (may be). I am one who sees a picture and can not find the second meaning. Practice call, silly or simple. As you will, but the new Spring-Summer 2012 campaign for Balenciaga is not for me. What do these hairs? And that face, with eyes half-white?

Max Mara Spring-Summer season 2012: Beauty and the flower


If we gave you last week released the first image of the Spring-Summer 2012 campaign for Max Mara Today we unveil all the images in full. Does the protagonist? Saskia de Brauw the darling of Karl Lagerfeld, the image of Zara this season and the star of countless covers for Vogue (among many more). Everyone wants it, but eye! This girl is one that you liked or disliked. There is no middle. And I was dazzled.

It gets hot now! I dress in H & M


Do you remember that yesterday I showed the new Spring 2012 campaign for H & M ? Well, today we advance another small step in this long-awaited collection. We continue with the same premise: basic colors with shades, simple garments like skirts and tops straight gauze, and above all, a lot of contrast. With these collections I can only ask: who gets hot now!

The trends in lingerie this Christmas 2011: red lingerie to see the year

push up bra gisela

New Year red underwear. Another topicazo the holidays, in which if there is a tradition for everything, we invented it. And I, I'm allergic to topicazos, I plan to bite the bullet and be convinced by the signatures of the red lingerie lingerie worth it. Let's see if I'm convinced.

Best Dressed 2012 Year-End

los mejores vestidos de fin de año 2012 Want to know what were the best dressed in New Year 2012? The year-end dresses from Zara have been ones that have won this year, but Mango and White have not had anything to envy! What have you bought?

Tomorrow night you'll see celebrations full of sequined dresses , dresses with backless and transparencies. In my opinion, these are the 3 major trends (not the only) of the Year 2012, and the good thing is that many of these dresses can be reused for other nights of partying! ;)

This New Year 2012 has not been too colorful, the costumes are more abundant black and metallic (especially gold), sober and elegant colors, which is not bad to spend part of your wardrobe. There miss my selection of the best dresses Year 2012!

Best Dressed 2012 Year-End

los mejores vestidos de fin de año 2012 Black sequined dress from Zara TRF with low back and long sleeves.
los mejores vestidos de fin de año 2012 Gold sequin dress with boat neck and V-neck, beautiful too!
los mejores vestidos de fin de año 2012 Many have asked me this vestidazo long. Mango is painted and has to be spectacular! Have you bought it?
los mejores vestidos de fin de año 2012 This model came Pull and Bear last week and loved it! It's super feminine!
los mejores vestidos de fin de año 2012 The dress of white feathers has also been seen and unseen! Very few individuals have been fortunate to have it, it sold out super soon on the web!
los mejores vestidos de fin de año 2012 This dress with jeweled neckline with transparencies and Mango is very high on my favorites! Did you wrong? The price .... It is very expensive!
los mejores vestidos de fin de año 2012 This dress also plumeti we have seen in Black and as you know is a clone. It's still cute!
los mejores vestidos de fin de año 2012

And the last of the best dressed at the end of the year is that I put on the cover. The clone of Balmain, as spectacular as its price! : D

What dress you've chosen for this New Year 2012?