Friday, December 30, 2011

Balenciaga Spring-Summer 2012 campaign, with tousled hair (and no means of color)


There are campaigns that do not understand. And is that instead of enhancing garments, detract. Or I do not understand the images (may be). I am one who sees a picture and can not find the second meaning. Practice call, silly or simple. As you will, but the new Spring-Summer 2012 campaign for Balenciaga is not for me. What do these hairs? And that face, with eyes half-white?

There are two snapshots that we have and ... Which worse. The outfits do not tell me anything and to me it all makes sense. Although behind the camera is Steven Meisel does not neither a positive spin on it. There is n othing that can save. But you know, to taste the colors and is likely to seem ideal to you.


For or find?

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