Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fashion online shopping to a single click, goodbye to the physical stores


Before you chose a day, one hour, organize all your plans impossible to square with the intention of taking a few minutes free, what clothing you give thought to be comfortable, you fix, you went to where you want, you took the respective means of transport, you opened the door, you could hear were spending within and immediately turn the question: I can help you? Today online shopping only thing I question is: what is your card number?

Every time I'm more a fan of online shopping. I've always been a fan of e-commerce technologies and fashion but I resisted. These ideas entrenched in: I look good? What if it is my size? What if when I get I do not like? Hence, until a few years ago not my experience in fashion buying online was a trickle, but as I was trying again and again and again, today I consider myself a fashion buyer online more than physical, physical understanding the ritual of going to the store.

Find any item you're looking

As much as living in a big city, in the end you selected shops at your disposal in which, if you search specific firms, as is my case, the stock offered is very limited. Is logical because they are still small establishments that are not able to dispose of the collection of a full signature. When you go to these stores see A, B and C, look no further. That comes a time when bored. Especially when supposedly looking for something different, something worth paying.

When you reach the first online trading is a feeling of overload. You're not used to seeing so many options for the same firm before your eyes. Being spoiled by choosing between 5 options, when we have over 200 sweaters only one gets the white flag and begs for mercy. There are so used to choose for ourselves with so many possibilities. And overwhelmed, of course.

Farewell to have to choose between the stock camouflaged sneaking past seasons that follows as usual from the new garments, which were asked to evaluate the taste of regular buyers of the store, so that the end is like Zara dress . The next buyer may be carrying your own garment, as the range of possibilities to choose from is limited.

Customizing the style

The online purchase achieves greater customization in fashion. With more choices, more firms available and current seasons collections and wardrobe of every kind, the buyer is your true style, meaning it does not have a pre-filter as large as that established by a specific store with limited items if not in his power to choose between the immensity of products (yes, that continues to be bias, but we talked about so large a bias is very limited if you know it right).

Thus, buyer 1 can achieve a style opposite the buyer 2, even at the store buying online. At a time in which the mass brands globalize all the cities with their respective styles this is crucial when purchased online. 'An incomplete world of people' as opposed to "be yourself" who sang The Planets .

Farewell to the fear of sizes

The fear that we have left something wrong is always there. Like the return button. As simple as that. What do you look bad? It back. What suits you? You've found the key. Start a new level, which game in question. You have accomplished the hardest part: finding your size. A hit at the same time an error. I feel sorry for you, and if you have no excuse to avoid buying online. You know you look good. Break your credit card.

When you get there find the size to resist buying. It is true that some items vary according to your design but that the purchase is more excitement. Do I look good or not? In life you have to have some fun.

More competitive pricing


As there are more items to choose from, prices to win by a landslide majority of the stores. Not only do we find new clothes every so often, but these in stores (apart from large companies such as Inditex and others) arrive at a higher cost to the buyer. Logic: the seller has to take a percentage of the sale, also has to deal with maintenance costs, local employees ...

If we add the repeated discounts, fashion online shopping is the bane for many. If you are registered in several stores will come a time when you get emails end up in the trash before they open to avoid temptation and red.

The exchange of experience

In the end only talk about one thing: a change of experience in buying. We spent the whole process related post at the entrance of a simple click from your personal computer. Although it seems trivial change is very large. And that change means many things: the enjoyment of going to the store, to see first hand the clothes, try them, to be advised (or not) by the clerk, to disconnect another area for a few minutes ... Many details not that the purchase will be comparable with anything physical.

For those who value the pros cons online purchase (coldness of the process, certainly in sizes, receive days later ...), the experience is positive and comes to replace physical buying.

My recent purchases have been made through various online shops and have been delighted. For some time I do not buy in a store but a spontaneous visit to a typical Zara , H & M or similar establishments that do prefer to go to the store because I seek not something so specific.

What is your opinion on buying fashion online?

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