Friday, December 30, 2011

Get the year with style with pants, your favorite garment


We're almost at the end of the year night, you know and your style? In Jared we have given many recommendations, especially with skirts and dresses. Have you thought about wearing pants? Garment is comfortable, more abrigadita and very sophisticated. Of course, it must be combined with style in a special night.


Today I want to focus on the basis of blazer suits, tuxedo type and matching pants, tweezers, ankle, for all those lovers of masculine touch, and there are always alternatives to party dresses.


The look of Uterqüe that opens this post, totally glamorous and divine! to see the year. A stunning golden wide-leg pants, according to the metallic trend, combined with a simple white blouse to not be a very daring and baroque styling. Or Zara skinny version.


In every self-respecting party I can not miss a tuxedo: classic yet stylish. It is best to be black in color, with American fitted. The beauty of this piece is that you can combine with any body, from a colored blouse up bra. The of this image is signed by Uterqüe.

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If you like are more casual, opt for a pair of night, such as satin east of Mango, and combine it with any top at night you have in your closet.

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The ankle cut me like a lot less, but they are high luxury. It's another option that one hundred with an advantage: you can wear shoes.


A little more serious is the hundred percent suit with vest included. It's a way to exploit your masculine side. If you combine that with beautiful accessories with a touch of gold, silver or striking details, you can get a look ten. Look how good that feels to Isabel Fontana.


The very tight leather pants or leggings show your inner rocker. Comfortable, warm and very cute.

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