Friday, December 30, 2011

It gets hot now! I dress in H & M


Do you remember that yesterday I showed the new Spring 2012 campaign for H & M ? Well, today we advance another small step in this long-awaited collection. We continue with the same premise: basic colors with shades, simple garments like skirts and tops straight gauze, and above all, a lot of contrast. With these collections I can only ask: who gets hot now!

Yellow, big star

In the last Fashion Week did a review of what was the Spring-Summer 2012 collections and we realized one thing: the yellow color is present in every one of them. Seems to be the star key and I goes. It is a brightly colored, flashy and goes very well with other colors.


Whether in brushstrokes or fully dyed garments, yellow goes very well with the brown skin. Do you know who makes it a good couple? With the nude or beige, carried like a charm!


What's new?

The leggings will remain a very important piece in our wardrobe. This year there are those between cotton and synthetic leather. Do you think?


The caramel-colored knit sweaters are your best allies in the afternoon where the temperature drops and the air cools.


And as no two without three, this year again (and continue) to be fashionable biker jackets.


What outfit you stay?

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