Friday, December 30, 2011

Max Mara Spring-Summer season 2012: Beauty and the flower


If we gave you last week released the first image of the Spring-Summer 2012 campaign for Max Mara Today we unveil all the images in full. Does the protagonist? Saskia de Brauw the darling of Karl Lagerfeld, the image of Zara this season and the star of countless covers for Vogue (among many more). Everyone wants it, but eye! This girl is one that you liked or disliked. There is no middle. And I was dazzled.


For its power to convey his chameleonic image and because by their very presence is enough.


Saskia dear, do not need to surround yourself with a flower for this campaign, only with you was more than enough.


Simple garments, smooth and subtle dress a woman with exquisite taste in fashion.


Timeless nude color dresses and light shades.


But it is also a collection where earth colors have their role.


What do you think the end result?

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