Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sweet home Arizona: Lagerfeld and Fendi Dolce Vita for Summer 2012

fendi.jpg ç

Another campaign, an image. Nothing Meisels, or Sorrentis Piggots. A Karl Lagerfeld has always loved and just get by and just enough to almost everything except for supermodel and star in their own campaigns. He behind the camera and Arizona Muse front of her.

And as a secondary protagonist Italy, the Italians, Dolce Vita, Fellini's black and white styling and Belle de Jour rather than anything between 40 and 20 years of the flappers.

From all this I would definitely stay with the bag, with its contrast bicolor, your piece of coconut and a touch retro.

In Jared | Fendi Pre-Fall 2012: when Lagerfeld for efficiency

In Jared | Fendi Cruise 2012 with Natasha Poly in front

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