Friday, December 30, 2011

Topshop Spring-Summer 2012: Will you be one of these cupcakes?


Many firms are taking advantage of this end of the year and presents its Spring-Summer 2012. Today, what has been added to this car is the British firm Topshop . And what? Just glancing through your collection you can anticipate that if you love the pastel colors that you're in luck: pink, nude, yellow and blue on their premises for this new season.

A cotton candy paradise

The blue sky can be at times ... Very cakes. But if you combine it with the right clothes can make a sumacumlaude outfit. Everything is started and daring, and gives you the keys Topshop: knit sweaters, sweatshirts and leggings in this key. Would you dare?


Some call it salmon, some nude, but either way this key remains the star. Gauzy blouses, jeans and platform shoes in this color are so in tune with the seasons. What do you think?


Metal, metal, metal

Last season he broke into our closets and promise to stay long. The silver, gold and bronze want to stay in our outfits until the end of our days, what do you think?


What do you think the small forward?

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