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The trends in lingerie this Christmas 2011: red lingerie to see the year

push up bra gisela

New Year red underwear. Another topicazo the holidays, in which if there is a tradition for everything, we invented it. And I, I'm allergic to topicazos, I plan to bite the bullet and be convinced by the signatures of the red lingerie lingerie worth it. Let's see if I'm convinced.

The problem I have is that when we talk about red lingerie for my holiday (supposedly brings good luck to wear something red to see the year) I think of the typical synthetic fabric panties sold in the Chinese to give away and clear, that I have already caught something of mania. But there are ideas in the stores much more elegant and sophisticated.

Sexy red lingerie

Red is the color of passion, perfect to decorate it with lace, lace detail, transparency, etc.. Of course, if this type of underwear does not guarantee you a night of passion nothing will. One hundred percent sexy inside, as we proposed Gisela, with push-up bra in fine edges and topped waves.

gisela red bra

Oysho and Gemma red bras offer us for a luxurious interior. Luckily I do not know whether they will or not, but just the feeling of doing this as underwear will make you feel special or New Year's Eve night.

oysho red bra

gemma red subjects

Oysho and Gemma also sell gowns with subtle transparencies to complete a set of red lingerie. The detail of moles on Oysho is most charming.

oysho red nightgown

gemma red nightgown

El Corte Ingles has this red lace panties for only 3.99 euros. For this money, flees the poor quality synthetic fabric!

English cutting red panties

A very romantic red

All we do not carry a femme fatale in ourselves and prefer romantic and flirty options but also in red lingerie. The contrasts of red and white get the perfect effect of mixing the sexy red with white candor. Gisela has several models in red and white, simple, comfortable, sexy, and fasteners of various types: balconnet, push-up.

gisela balconnet red bra

gisela red lingerie set

gisela romantic red bra

In Women's Secret online can buy some panties and thongs models in the color of Christmas. So we congratulate the new year 2012.

red thong panties and secret women

Giving red lingerie

Detail is the typical idiot who always funny. Some red lingerie, pajamas, nightgowns and all kinds of clothes to be home, yes, red. Oysho has a special section in red gift for Christmas to send them to you straight to your home.

hello kitty snoopy oysho

With prints of Hello Kitty or Snoopy, revive the girl that still exists in us.

oysho snoopy thong

I'm already half convinced of the red lingerie (just for my holiday but not for another night), what about you?.

Photo Gallery

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gisela romantic white contrast rojo.jpg
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gisela balconnet.jpg red bra
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oysho bra rojjo.jpg
snoopy.jpg oysho thong

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