Friday, December 30, 2011

Watch this Christmas gift: give the time in classic or avant-garde?

Still not sure what to give for Christmas. Since we propose a gift Jared very handy, stylish and with the always true: a clock. Whether you have several different models and colors is a perfect complement that can change depending on time of day and styling that looks

Gold watches for a pioneering woman


The gold or gold watches are hot pink. Dominates the metallic fashion as we know, but this trend has shifted to the accessories, and of course, to watches, one of the most important accessories. Last winter saw the first models that only dared to wear some fashionistas, but now the shops and firms dare with this tone, reflected in many designs.


How to combine? Best of all, you can mix it with silver, which is often the choice of accessories for almost all. The brown model costs 165 euros Lacoste.


There are other models entirely gold and combined with other colors, usually brown, white and black. The two proposed cost 179 euros Tommy Hilfiger.


And this third, more males has a retail price of 149 euros.


My favorite, this design of Guess.

Classical Watches

47 608-991.jpg

For the most classic, and within current trends, the black is the perfect color to wear on your wrist. Although the most common is the round sphere, there are some proposals square. You can choose between a full black or mixed with other shades. It looks the perfect complement to everything. Moreover, if you wear a watch like always, included in a party, the ceramic models and black are perfect because they act as a bracelet.

47 626-95_viceroy.jpg

Sports Watches


Watch colorful, fun and youth and sports are the clocks. It seems that this class can only wear in summer but not winter comes cargadito of good vibes and lots of color. Lacoste proposes to us casually and with rubber strap and the price is 135 euros.


For women who like sports, the new sports model is called Half Time Puma, a sports watch strap with cork, while striking, it will become your faithful companion of all daily activities and sports. It is available in many bright colors.


Luxury Watches


And for those who receive very unique gifts, Versace proposes this model alligator leather strap and red sapphires. The price is 2310 euros. I think that whoever buys it, the store will make a rebajita.

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