Monday, December 31, 2012

And to me that sounds like this girl? Faces of 2012


Throughout this 2012, some celebrities, bloggers (or cibercelebrities) and models have been much talk in Trendencias and in many other ways. More or less new faces for this year 2012 has brought its ultimate accolade.

XOXO Gossip Girl: the 10 best dressed of the series

gossip girl

With this 2012 goodbye also one of the most fashionable series all TV: Gossip Girl. Six seasons in which designers have fought for that apareciesen actors on the small screen with their designs, which flooded the next day site photos and comments. Do we see the top?

Happy 2013! Instagram and celebrates the new year

blo_01 The blogger Tuula has welcomed 2013 with love

It is January 1, 2013 in some countries, and the first to have been celebrating all those who were in Australia. Therefore, many of the bloggers who follow and characters Australians via Instagram we noticed that they have already welcomed the new year.

Alice in Wonderland for Dior. What if the character of the French firm dress?


Oh my Dior! How I love the ad campaigns! And is that sometimes your team just advertising work while a surprising and wonderful. And that is what happened with the French brand Dior, which for this season has decided based on the story by Lewis Carroll 'Alice in Wonderland'.

The latest to succumb to the blogger world is Monica Cruz ...


The Pe hermanísima Cruz, Mo, ​​back in the news today. Why? You may ask. Because this is the last famous blogger succumb to the charm and adds a point on your resume when you open a personal one. Under the name 'You look inside' the singer / dancer / actress wants to capture stories about their day to day, and not just related to fashion but to life in general.

Want to keep your head warm? The best wool hats are in Asos, how difficult choice!


This to go out with icy cold causes sometimes I freeze ideas. So we must be clear that our precious head cover with a good wool hat is not only a sign of style, but also. So more and more firms are proposing this type of accessory colors, shapes and materials as disparate. But if there is a place where numerous models is served is Asos.

Touched and sunk by the black and white


We inspire our daily life and now it's the turn of the trend that is going to give you more talk this coming Spring-Summer 2013: black and white. And to inspire us as we just walk around the bloggesfera and we realize that there are a thousand different interpretations to this pair of color.

The best brands in fashion in 2012 for Jezebel


Once again select the best marks of the year for the team of Jared. A selection that adds to the different tops we have published in this end of 2012 so intense where we have seen a wide variety of looks and memories of the best of these months. Each editor chooses him most firms are cool and that he says have emphasized more this year. Want to know the favorites of each?

Three types of coats with which to welcome 2013


New Year is approaching and what better way to start it than with a new garment, and as this winter seems that the cold does make an appearance in our lives and that stores have already started with the sales, I propose three types coats with which to welcome the new year.

Low Cost Trends: a party dress for tonight

Stradivarius Stradivarius

Only a few hours left for my holiday, and if you just now showed some proposals of underwear to wear this special night, of course can not miss a modelazo own for the occasion. Do not have yours? In this post I give several ideas: black dresses or pants outfits with bold colors like green and yellow to see the year deluxe. And all the outfits below 50 euros.

Tonight your sexiest lingerie looks and does not have to be red

Goldenpoint Eve New Year's Eve today not only have to look our best clothes in external styling, and you also have to lay off the new year with beautiful and sophisticated lingerie, and does not have to be red.

Way We Were, a year-end gift: the beginning of everything. The first cover of Vogue


Today is New Year. Everything ends and everything begins again. We survived the doomsday predictions of the Maya and endure what we throw this damn crisis, economics, not of ideas. Today I bring you a special gift on the last day of the year what better than the first day of fashion? Not literally, but the first issue of Vogue itself that marked an era.

Looks and dresses for New Year 2012

Looks y vestidos para Nochevieja 2012 Special looks and dresses for New Year's Eve to see the year 2012 with new fashion trends and welcome to 2013! And today December 31 touches once and for all decide on a party look with which you feel perfect for a good start for the new year :).

Take a look at these looks and tips with new trends in party dresses and clothing, and accessories to dress this New Year's Eve party.

Looks y vestidos para Nochevieja 2012 Looks and dresses for New Year 2012

This New Year is the looks and dresses are excessive, a good example is this year-end dresses from Zara , very spectacular with this flyer or peplum.

Looks y vestidos para Nochevieja 2012 Looks and dresses for New Year 2012

But not only dresses makes a party look for New Year's Eve, pants and tuxedo look is another of the big bet to say goodbye to 2012!

Looks y vestidos para Nochevieja 2012 Looks and dresses for New Year 2012

But if you want to be on the safe bet for the brightness of the sequins. These dresses White Year End in sequins are perfect!

Looks y vestidos para Nochevieja 2012 Looks and dresses for New Year 2012

But there are more trends like these dresses with rhinestones, feathers, fringes and gold glitter, which are New Year's Eve dresses Bershka .

Looks y vestidos para Nochevieja 2012

Looks and dresses for New Year 2012

You can also take advantage of what you have in your closet and create a perfect look for my holiday playing with black and white and with the masculine style, as this party look for Pull and Bear for my holiday.

Looks y vestidos para Nochevieja 2012

Looks and dresses for New Year 2012

Never miss the best tricks and tips for party dress on New Years Eve, click and discover how to hit as your body, and accessories combines style, choose well .... Very Important stockings.

Looks y vestidos para Nochevieja 2012 Looks and dresses for New Year 2012

And complements your look with party accessories for this New Year's Eve fashion!

Day N, Eve came. Looks for before (the party dress)


Comes the longest night of the year, more fun and more chances to shine with sequins, glitter, gold and mirras. Now we have recommended the best sequin dresses, shoes and accessories to accompany and essential styling tips , mine, for a fashionista this Christmas. Now it address how to look the rest of the day until they reach the campañandas, or a little earlier.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The lookbooks can help, do you fasten them to wear tonight?


What on earth shall I wear today? So start the day many of us. And tonight is goodbye 2012 and for the next year better than this must be perfect lived. But how? I've already squeezed all my ideas and I can not find the key to success. Will'm uninspired, I lack originality or all I have in the closet is now so I do not see that the idea to create a new look.

How to get simple but great? Here the solution


After the holidays, banquets, family and thinking all the time what to wear to go super stylish, body and your wardrobe will ask for a break. So fancy dress easily without much complication. Although sometimes it is super simple and as difficult combination we gave up trying. But they have done and can take as inspiration.

A plan for the Christmas holidays: visit the exhibition of Cartier

Exhibition of Cartier

During these holidays I used to visit one of the samples I most wanted to see: the Cartier exhibition that can be enjoyed in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid until 17 February 2013. A selection of the best pieces that the company has been buying back over the years, to show its entire production and artistic styles in the first half of the twentieth century:

Will we see Kate Moss as hairstylist "X Factor"?


Miranda Kerr that he has taken over as the face of Mango for next spring-summer 2013 has been just a bump in the road for Kate Moss. The model succeeds Stuart Weitzman still image, has released his biography and it seems that his future is in television.

Blair Waldorf Leighton Meester: the evolution of the most posh of Gossip Girl

leghton meester 2007

Who would have thought in 2007 that Gossip Girl was going to go that far? They started talking about this series so many good times has given us fond of fashion and now ends forever Who has seen and who sees you, Leighton Meester! To Gossip Girl, it's time to do a review of their style, their best looks and his gaffes (any, Hayles).

Put a hat on your front page and I have won


It has long few magazine covers amazing. You can say that everything is invented and many of them all they do is show the celebrity of the day it's up to promote a film or similar dress last fashion designer. But one kind of covers that I engage in the act, is the magnetism of the hat.

Advance Spring 2013 catalog of H & M: a sunbeam ohohoh

hm spring

Looking forward to give us the first rays of sun on your face. The first rays of the year, do not bother. So as soon as cleared in stores across the avalanche of holiday dresses in a microsecond and shelves have filled with spring collections of brands. One of the first to offer a preview of its Spring 2013 catalog is H & M. New things, things that repeat will you see it?

Stay checkered, as the famous


There are many things in this life to stay checked. I with what I'm plaid lately is with the newspaper, to bad light, but there are a thousand and one reasons more, both good and bad. Fashion gives us one more thanks to the recovery of the trend that we came from Seattle and the grunge of Nirvana was sealed. The celebrities have been deaf and luxury point to grunge.

Miranda Kerr's look to go to the supermarket: top!

Miranda Kerr

How monísima go to the supermarket? that question should of Miranda Kerr preguntársela to give us some advice, and that has left me speechless with this look as sophisticated. And the Australian model always tends to like.

Ear cuff arrive: when life earrings are no longer enough

ear cuff

The small earrings long since ceased to be trend. The maxipendientes have seized the runways these past few seasons and the next step and not only pursued but decorate the whole ear lobe. Do you sign the ear cuff?

Trendencias News: Happy New Year and for Best 2013!

The last year Trendencias News. We say goodbye to 2012 with a selection of the latest top news in the fashion world we have experienced this week. We join the big names we see here and wish you the best possible end of the year and a great 2013. Thanks for always being there!

  • A brand is created in many ways. Chanel is more interesting for the way he has been creating his story for his designs as such, also, but it is in the other details that are set. This New Year greeting with which we wish happy holidays and a good 2013 is an example of what has been said.

Brian Atwood me to you jewelery design


Although Brian Atwood shoes are one of the most successful in the market, the shoe does not have enough and decided to get into the world of jewelry with her ​​first jewelery collection that has been put up for sale this week.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Miranda Kerr keeps fixed or to buy bread


While ordinary mortals gets caught the first thing to go to the supermarket, then there are others that are made ​​of sterner stuff and get all dressed up to go buy oranges. This is the case of Miranda Kerr, is there any time of day that is not perfect?

Brands are complaining of clones and Elin Kling is glad that it


Fashion blogs are always on the lookout in case any firm mass market takes a clone of some article of great designers. But what happens when a clone comes from a lesser known company?

Advancing Bershka new collection Spring-Summer 2013: I love the soul


We already have it here! Bershka is another firm that aims to show part of his Spring-Summer 2013 and I can only hum the song of Isabel Pantoja: I love the soul ... They love me. Different styles for many tastes scattered among which are the trends of the moment: white and black, and ethnic feel.

Three websites selling online rebates which you can not miss


These last days have already started the sales in stores and online when buying quietly on your couch, it's easier to do a study on what are the most discount stores make about their products because. And, sometimes, the same product can be further reduced by a shop in another. These are the three stores that you can not miss.

Two bloggers, one bag but with a huge difference. Are we talking about replicas?

bol_01 Veronica Ferraro VS. Chiara Ferragni

Every time I walk into a fashion blog I envy corrodes the veins: the assortment of handbags and shoes that come into my beyond me. Where do they get the money? I understand that some girls come from a good family, others who invest their profits in buying a great designer and sometimes receive gifts. But so many? And I've always been very badly designed (but long) I thought more of a throw of the famous world of replicas made ​​in China.

How to dress for New Years Eve? Queens 2.0 we have good ideas


The countdown to dismiss the 2012 is about to end and I still do not know what I'm going to get. I realize that is one more night and blah, blah, blah, blah. But my body and ask me to change my wardrobe a bit and still noticing new looks for dressing that night that some consider special. During these days we have been providing costume ideas and today will be them, the bloggers who inspire us (again).

Small but significant: the bags that will serve the 24x7


Every time I'm more a fan of small bags (especially at night). The only problem is that I have many things stuck in it and most of the time I do cleaning or mathematical ingeniármelas so everything fit. But this is just the new bags we have these signatures, they are small but significant. And is that more and more brands to choose small handbags design widths (here's the key to everything). What lets the model can be used both day and night.

How we dress our kids on New Years Eve? Tori Spelling (surprisingly), gives us the key


Tori Spelling is a paragon of style glamor is very debatable. Even in the days of feeling of living, their styles were so inappropriate and lacking in taste as sometimes the plot of the series. But considering how it has prepared their kids this Christmas season in which they have been seen by Los Angeles has given me an idea for supermamis.

Andrej Pejic is your first cover of Elle


The phenomenon Andrej Pejic androgyny with the head began some years ago and thanks to that game between masculinity and femininity Serbian model has achieved great advertising contracts and the occasional cover, but never in a big head ... so far .

Attention all units: the fanny pack back

primark fanny

With the waist is a bit like bell bottoms, they are there every season but only a few dare to take. With this revival of the 90 we are taking the fanny was impossible not seek its place in our wardrobe. Yes, did you find?

The Christmas windows of Tiffany & Co are film!

Tiffany New York Escaparetes

The Christmas windows of Tiffany & Co is an annual tradition in New York that attracts buyers from all over the world to shop on Fifth Avenue to 57th Street. With its iconic blue box, Tiffany is one of the premier shopping for Christmas gifts. Their magic windows'll love and will stop for your quest for the perfect gift.

Live with Style: Jezebel weekly schedule of 65


We started the weekend with one of those lists that must be borne in mind when traveling to another country. The enjoyment of food is basic to all visits and more if a country like France. In Living with style we wear boots with these French country dishes that can not miss . It makes my mouth water.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Elle Fanning walks around LA with his varsity jacket. Do you already have yours?

Elle Fanning varsity jacket

It was one of the items it this year 2012. Many famous and blogeras have opted for a varsity jacket for giving an informal or a sporty touch to your street looks. The last to fall in this trend has been Elle Fanning, are you? Got your varsity jacket?

What you are missing and you have to buy fashion this winter?


To me it lacks several things, one of which I mention in this post and I have, and it is my essential complement to the season and the other not. Jessica Chastain and Kate Beckinsale shows us their latest looks from street what it is.

Topshop celebrates Christmas otherwise your lookbook 'Rave New World'


Topshop lookbooks adds to Christmas with this "Rave New World" in which scarce princess dresses with which we have been bombarded in recent weeks and that bet looks more appealing and terrain to fire in 2012.

Throwback Thursday: thanks to Instagram as we know it were small some girls

tbt Guess who?

Through social media we can know more of everyday life and the personalities of some of today's fashion world. And a few months ago has become fashionable up to Instagram photos from when you were little with the hashtag # tbt. Do we see the latest?

Look Eve 2012

Look Nochevieja 2012

There is nothing left for New Year! Got your look for New Year's Eve? Here's new party looks so you will always have ideas and inspiration for this New Year's Eve party dress :).

Find the party dress (although you can go for pants or tuxedo) and the perfect accessories for your New Year's Eve look and welcome to 2013:

Look Nochevieja 2012 nightnonstop

Look Eve 2012

Look Nochevieja 2012 recuerdosoxidados

Look Eve 2012

Look Nochevieja 2012 fashionvibe

Look Eve 2012

Look Nochevieja 2012 littleblackcoconut

Look Eve 2012

Look Nochevieja 2012 myshowroom

Look Eve 2012

Look Nochevieja 2012 personalstyle

Look Eve 2012

Have a good eye for the best New Year's Eve dresses .