Friday, January 27, 2012

Cloned and plundered: Asos and inspirations epicenter


It is finally Friday! And that means we have a summary of the hot clones the moment. And today we focus on Asos : online store favorite of bloggers and Inspirations. Then from there we took models clothing reminiscent of large firms with high prices and out of reach. But just to give a tour of this portal you find gems like this: a clone of the bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs .

Strap-shaped and green or pastel pink, this model reminds us so much to the original: bird included in the area of the buckle. What do you think?

In the fashion world there are things that surprise and sometimes outraged: one example is the bag of Jil Sander bag as if it were plastic. Is the Problem? That piece of plastic is sold to more than 100 €. And sure people bought it ... In order to taste the colors, and if you than you think that this model is original can stay with this cheaper version : 16 €. What color you choose? It is in pink, lilac, turquoise, black, moles ...


Fashion for your feet

What shoe has triumphed among bloggers and fashion victims has not yet come to materialize in stores? Undoubtedly, the creepers. And if you think these shoes, what comes to mind the model of Burberry Prorsum which launched this Autumn-Winter 2011/2012. In Aldo released their own version and if you like are available on Asos at a discounted price , yes or no?


How many versions launched Marc by Marc Jacobs of his dancers in the form of mouse? Scores: hair, patent leather, white, black, rhinestones, punk version ... I had this model Asos remind me of designer Louis Vuitton , do you?


Jeweled and cloned

The jewels are a very important section in the lives of many of us. And if there is a firm that is in vogue among all fashion victim is the Pamela Love: the punk and trash paid dearly. So far, then in English portal found this ring that looks like a designer model.


What inspired you stay this week?

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