Saturday, January 28, 2012

Desigual Fall-Winter 2012: The spirit bursts into a thousand colors!

Deigual woman

Loaded with energy, joy and fun by the models, Desigual has been the firm responsible for putting a touch of color on the catwalk of the 080 Barcelona Fashion. Desigual is the spirit bursting into a thousand colors!

Desigual Kids

Filled to the brim and very disco music, Desigual has shown us the Autumn-Winter 2012 for girls, boys and children, plus accessories. Under the name of Rainbow, the show began with the departure of smaller fun wearing colorful dresses, pants and shirt features the signature. Are modern children.

080 Barcelona Desigual

For the girls highlights the colors and patterns in different tissues, among which we find flowers to a line of ethnic proposals, mainly in garments, the garment star of the Catalan company.

Leather jacket and wool dress Desigual

We can also see these characteristics in flight striking skirts, suitable only for the more daring because of its striking psychedelic prints.

Look psychedelic Desigual

The shelters are prominent in this collection. The wool is easy to cut oversize, but there are also extremely feminine, fitted waists and combination of fabrics and patterns like this design with printed leather and wool pictures.

Uneven skin and wool coat

And that is the main characteristic of Desigual is that their designs are different, optimistic and full of color. I always say that reminds me of Custo Barcelona, ​​but if you look at each piece, Desigual is already a very personal style.

Desigual coat back detail

We dress people, not bodies. Our clothes are an invitation to live life to the fullest and are full of messages. They aim to inspire the wearer or anyone to see. With our garments we hope to convey the message that there is always a different option, positive and fun: Desigual experience ...

Desigual skinny jeans

What I like the parade were the skinny jeans, hyper-tight and metallic look. Perfect to wear for the day and night, always accompanied by good heels, as these sophisticated stiletto high-fronted metal. I was fascinated!

Desigual abotinados

The female line is marked by more childlike illustration t-shirts with Mickey Mouse and details of headsets with Minnie ears. Two of the large "baby-friendly."

I'm still a girl

Minnie Desigual

The clothes that I liked in this part were the wool sweaters, especially the red model draft.

Micky line

Christian Lacroix

Desigual by Christian Lacroix

The line L, is the collection of French designer Christian Lacroix and collaboration inspired by Desigual Cirque du Soleil. Psarela Clothing and overly flashy, but with a special touch of elegance.

Jon Kortajarena 080 Desigual Barcelona

The male had proposed a model exception: the handsome Jon Kortajarena, which came in, started the applause of the female sector present there.

A parade asbtracto, colorful and varied.

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