Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dictionary fashionista fashion: with Cool C

Nice words that fill the fashion jargon or not? Words do not exist and are created, Anglicisms, kicks more academic and the dictionary names for things that we hear but not understand. Today we continue with this special Trendipedia, our dictionary fashionista fashion and we do what is cool?

Yes, it is an anglicized, of course. Ism such as trendy and just used.

So little is the Castilian language we turn to the words of others? Of course not, but in fashion, as in many other arts such as film, when it comes to cool, shoot, fittings and pumps, think it sounds cooler. Are we at a way that we've invented to make things easier for foreign models / outside agencies / designers / international public relations overseas with whom we work regularly?
An agency need only a phone call from 5 seconds to go and see the word at Elle, so that the figure of the sylph, last top, carved in marble is launched and when it comes to Elle, a course will go and see .

But let the matter before us today, the C of the matter.

According to the Urban dictionar y, or what could be a dictionary of slang, is the best way to say something is awesome or great (awesome). Bart Simpson put it well continually in the original version of his drawings: maaaaann coooool!

The philosophy provides a siginificado added, to remain calm under any stress, meaning that its origins rooted in North America focused on slavery and the attitude that the people of color should take in such circumstances, of subversion through emotional defense mechanisms while submission:

Represents a paradoxical Cool fusion of submission and subversion. It's a classic case of resistance to creativity and innovation Authority Through

And that's where the main difference between rooted and cool as in any other terms or trendy. Cool reflects a way of being, to pose, to look, dress calm, relaxed, subversive fashion but at the same time follows. A trend to continue but at a distance, it sometimes ahead, sometimes leaving behind. Always your way. And that is what sets all streetstyle like this others .

Want more? Here are the 15 ways to be cool and have a cool life ... back to the frivolous about it.

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