Friday, January 27, 2012

The fashion book of the week: The Beautiful Fall


The fashion book this week is not without controversy: absolute reliability portray personality, way of working and personal relationship of two fashion designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent without falling into the usual stereotypes of the world fashion. Almost nothing for a book that portrays a decade frivolous fashion and pop!

Let's get some background: Yves and Karl met early in their careers, but their differences were noted from the outset. In 1958, Saint Laurent triumphed with his first collection for Dior. Soon after, Saint Laurent met Pierre Bergé, his mentor, partner and real architect of its commercial success. Soon Yves created the label that bears his own name, Saint Laurent. Lagerfeld, meanwhile, reacted (envy is very bad) declaring haute couture dead and went to work as a freelancer for various brands of prêt-à-porter, until 1982, came into Chanel, rescuing the signature of the decay and creating a model of creative director who gets to build a house wit dying model followed years later by Tom Ford or Nicolas Ghesquière.


Through interviews with friends and colleagues of the designers, the fashion journalist Alicia Drake offers revealing anecdotes. With a large retinue of colorful supporting characters, fashion muses like Loulou de la Falaise characters from high society as Talitha Getty, and celebrities like Mick Jagger and Andy Warhol, the story is complete with many pictures and references of parades and uncritical mythical moments both races. Also, the two creators of homosexuality is treated like a direct and respectful way, contextualizing pop at that time full of excesses.


The book was published in 2006, angering the journalist Lagerfeld, which was sued for invasion of privacy, public and renamed "Drake-ula". Personally I think the private lives of these characters in the least bad available to the book, which raised to the altar of creation Yves Saint Laurent (although he is portrayed as an insecure, irritable and egocentric) and plunged into misery Karl rushes, which is unable to identify a single new contribution to the world of fashion. Yet no blood reached the river, and the controversy in these cases, only served to further fuel the myth.

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