Saturday, January 28, 2012

In a colorful country ... Natalia Vodianova was living under the Tuscan sun

stella natalia
Under the solo campaign, Stella McCartney and Summer 2012. Seeing it is desirable that come spring, the warmth, soft drinks and sunshine. But see, I do not know if it leads to wanting to buy their clothes.

stella natalia
And it floripoondio meantime, we love, we lose. Because the color of the flowers Stella has also given him a black and white touch to your clothing.
We like, we like what we remember, that remembers, what inspires us. And we like Natalia Vodianova how could I not to like?

In Jared | Oysho, Verno Spring 2012 campaign: sobriety intimate

In Jared | Paradise lysergic Etro campaign Summer 2012

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