Thursday, January 26, 2012

A little bit of 080 Barcelona Fashion: proposals for all tastes

Ruano Justice red dress Ruano Justice red dress

The most famous fashion catwalk is already in place independent. The 080 Barcelona Fashion, held in the Plaça del Rei in Barcelona, ​​in the Gothic Quarter, has shown us the proposals for the next Fall-Winter 2012 Justice Ruano, Brain & Beast, Miriam Ponsa, Sololaverdadessexy, Who, Der Metropol and Mango .

Ruano Justice

Ruano Justice Ruano Justice

During the morning Justice has paraded Ruano, who has shown with a collection Metamorphosis challenging and very feminine, based on lace, jewels and elegant embroidery.

Almeria-Granada designer presented a collection of dresses cocktail party with a single premise, beautify women. Handcrafted structures, both single material as a mixture of textures, fabrics and garments with a lot of volume and special touches. Regarding colors include pink, fuchsia and red, and gray tones as soft and makeup.

Ruano Justice Loot Ruano Justice Loot

One of the things that has attracted most attention are the shoes made by the designer in collaboration with Francisco Montoya.

Brain & Beast

Brain & Beast Brain & Beast

Brain & Beast has shown Decalogue (Part III / Magic), with a proposal in that they emphasize polychromatic white, yellow, and orange camel along the emerald, purple and gray. Masculine cut garments, which I personally do not have convection.

Miriam Ponsa

Miriam Ponsa Miriam Ponsa

Boletaires Under the name of the designer Miriam Ponsa bet Manresa collection starring the land, which pays homage to the world of mushrooms. So the result of his creations are very avant-garde and, in turn, emit a touch old. Notable similar tissues and tinted gradient. Also, Ponsa bet in this collection by playing pattern for forms and attempts to capture the volume with pleats and seams.


Sololaverdadessexy Sololaverdadessexy

The curious name of 10 is the fourth collection of the Catalan company, which shows too avant-garde proposals where the fabric becomes the only protagonist.

Sololaverdadessexy Sololaverdadessexy
Sololaverdadessexy Sololaverdadessexy
We reaffirm our philosophy of patronage conceptual transformation of a garment and its change of position in the body and reinterpretation of the patterns other collections.


Mango Handle

One of the most anticipated signatures is Mango. The Catalan company has closed the calendar shows the second day of 080 Barcelona Fashion with the presentation of the collection Shades of Pale that tomorrow will show my partner Charlie.

080 Barcelona

Tomorrow will be delivered on 080 Barcelona Fashion Award for Best Collection of the event. The award, established in a single category, an award of 20,000 euros. The international jury that will decide the award will be made by Muriel Piasa, Kristopher Arden-Houser, Stefan Siegel, Jean Paul Cauvin and Samuel DRIRE.

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