Saturday, January 28, 2012

Live with Style: Jezebel weekly schedule (XXIV)


This week we pack our plans and start Live in style with a great trip to Argentina, specifically the region of Cuyo in which we can lose by the various wonders of nature found in the National Park Talampaya, among other things geographies.


We need no elaborate means of transport to travel. The proof is in two experiences that give us ideas for future plans as a Vespa ride through Europe for 10 days and traveled 11,111 kilometers from Barcelona to Mongolia in 22 days in a van. Adventures to the fullest with the simplest means.


Air must be taken half way and after a good meal a delicious dessert: an Italian trifle delicious. If we delve deeper into the ultimate in cooking can take note of everything that was spoken in Madrid Fusion 2012 , where the kitchen takes you to another level.


Once the snow answers energies and it calls us choose the best hotel to go skiing , nothing less than the Poitinière Suites Le. Remember that is only open until April, by that of the snow, of course. A luxury hotel they drop after a good day of skiing.


After much travel will have to return home one day. There comes a day when our room we were bored and want to change it completely. If you lack any idea to do this you can see the before and after a simple, modern room .

At home we can choose to select a movie DVD we have on the shelf or take forces and go to the cinema to see ' The descendants ', a movie star this time.


What is not wanted? Then sit down on the couch to enjoy ' Shameless ', a good series that has an American adaptation.


Time to enjoy a good bath and therefore we can put a good soundtrack that animates us. Sollet with Yoho Spanish pop give us as if we want something that will be passed to industrial Splendor with Geometric Geometric Developments .


After plans and best prolong the break. And if we can we take in China, in Fujian Tulou . We need to regain strength until next week.

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