Friday, January 27, 2012

Mango Spring-Summer 2012: Zara and you tremble for this summer Mango wins


Today at 20h in the afternoon around the world throng the Plaza del Rey de Barcelona. Reason ¿? The parade of Mango Spring-Summer 2012 was about to begin. And nobody, absolutely nobody, I wanted to lose. So when I opened doors that was an ordeal: Tonto last! Run for your lives! This is the jungle! Finally, you can imagine.

And undoubtedly, this parade has become the most attractive choice for all attendees of the 080 Barcelona Fashion. And no wonder, they are clothes you can dream thanks to their prices. And yesterday I dreamed, I dreamed and dreamed. And is that all your outfits I fell in love. Some more than others, but this year will save a great time because I want everything!

THE clothes

A few years ago that the firm has clothing Isak Andic party. But since last Spring-Summer 2011 print dresses we are seeing (remember the salmon reminiscent of those of Chloe ). And for this season are exceeded, follow the basic solid colors and necklines of stroke.


And there are items that are for the more daring, because this 'simple' model in off-white ...


Ceases to be to give back. Is not it absolutely amazing?


Vitamin color

Speaking of summer shades without naming living is impossible. And this season is tied to the color and good vibes, that's why we have not surprising to find maxi in canary yellow.


Or if you prefer, a total look klein blue.


Be a piece of the pie

Yes, at this stage of the game is nothing new pastel colors that will star in our wardrobes this season to come. And to make sure even more, an example with this outfit in nude. Simply flawless.


Pure white, nuclear

Even if we are talking about star color chosen by this firm must say it's white pants, jackets, shirts, dresses, skirts ... All items are presented as neutral in this key! I love it, but as I always say: what a pity it is so delicate!


What do you think? If you want to see the entire collection you will find it below.

Photo Gallery

(Click on an image to enlarge)

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