Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mustard is always with us, Dijon Will you ask this Spring-Summer 2012?


Mustard, one of the best accompaniments to meat meal times and also when combining items. Color revelation was this Fall-Winter 2011/2012 (next to the bottle green and maroon) and promises to give talk about this upcoming Spring-Summer 2012. We look at the gateway and see it, we went out and we ran with it, went into a store and welcomes us. Admittedly, life is not all one color and these girls have chosen mustard (Dijon is it?) To give flavor to your day.

Girls can be seen in risky or less, how important is the chosen garment. For example, if you are the type who likes but does not want to give great prominence choose to wear a shirt and a jersey top, the view so that only neck and cuffs.


But if you want to get from which you can see the protagonist of Lover Style and opt for a jersey in this key combined with a black skirt boards. Ideal!


More canary ...

But you may find that mustard color is off and prefer a little more life (in summer much better). That's why yellow is a good alternative in the form of a simple dress with denim jacket or a parka you will thin ideal.


But if you prefer, and as they have done some street stylers from above, you can combine it with black: more strength and presence.


And if you can not wait until summer to accompany your looks with this tone as the blogger please Scent of Obsession: mini yellow and white jersey jacket, black hair. What do you think the end result?


¿Succumb to the charms of the mustard?

Photos | Carolines Mode , Style Lover , Pink Peonies , Scent of Obssesion
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