Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Primark think working women


Designed collections for every occasion. The more specialized fashion continues to need time to think, time and promotion. Primark is no exception to that list and think about working with the intention to propose simple and formal looks for women who do not want a lot of headaches, as well a very competitive budget.

Primark work

With their new clothes, which come as the stores these days between January and early February, Primark opts for a serious woman, without much effort in dress, with combinations of a lifetime. Had long dresses and blouses with short straps embossed with tiny moles.

Primark gray man

The idea is to play with black and gray that adds white background. Blazers sleeve longer than normal, and notched a single button. Or like the English style too formal and masculine vest inside with the rest of the set. The items cost between 15 and 10 euros. A wearable and easy option for day to day.

Primark Detail

Look Primark

Primark dress

Primark Blazer

In Jared | Empaquétame the Spring-Summer 2012 to Primark. I'll take it!
In Jared | Primark Spring 2012 collection, the color will be your friend

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