Friday, January 27, 2012

The romantic Valentine Pretty Ballerinas


Pretty Ballerinas is one of the firms who love Valentine's Day. So this day is simply that for many commercial and other special dancers firm has designed a model very cute and romantic.


Each season Pretty Ballerinas a new and fun designs inspired dancers Valentine's Day, to become the best gift you can do to your girl. So guys, take note! This year has created a whole new collection inspired by a free-love, passionate and romantic. Flowers at your feet Rosario is a new line created with a special handmade fabric sewn tulle on the basis of the ballerina-shaped flowers. You can find them in a classic red passion but also in many other colors for those who prefer to break the classic rules like blue-green, black, purple and nude.

20111221-2018.jpg img00936-

Other discontinued models but you can find in store. From the simplest dancer in red or black, with the phrase I love you carved in Swarovsky crystals and matching mini-purse, to a more daring with a heart in each of the pieces with the same meaning.

20111221-2024.jpg img00948-

In Jared | Pretty Ballerinas Spring-Summer 2012: full color
In Jared | Store Opening in Madrid Pretty Ballerinas: dancers are very flirty

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