Friday, January 27, 2012

Street style, fashion clothing

Street style, ropa de moda We review the best street style of the moment with an emphasis on fashionable clothes, those clothes that make a trend and if you dress like fashion should not miss in your closet!

And is that as I always say, nothing like seeing street style looks to sign and copy the best combinations and styles that you like.

Do not miss these street style with new trends and looks of several fashion blogs !
Street style, ropa de moda

This street style of Martha dear diary makes it clear that the best bracelets in pairs! Also that rose in its most intense is very fashionable, it also looks great combined with black.

Street style, ropa de moda

The shorts is still a very fashionable garment as is clear from the look of loveshoppingandfashionblog ! Shirts with collars are very popular original, this shirt with studs and neck, salmon, of White :). And the jackets or blazers chanelesco cutting are a great buy because they are a very trendy clothes!

Street style, ropa de moda I love the combination of denim sequin proposed katia . Sequins can be worn on casual looks and day!

Street style, ropa de moda

The parkas are back in fashion! I love how the combination lucitisima with crooks garnet color and trend very white shirt with stiff gold necklace!

Street style, ropa de moda Coats and Navajo-patterned coats is another clothing of the moment, just the way this style of Alexandra Street lovelypepa !

Street style, ropa de moda

Another current fashion clothes are asymmetrical skirts and boots from Jeffrey Campbell that takes by-myown , combined with a jersey maroon.

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