Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trends Spring-Summer 2012: the day I ventured out into the street in pajamas

tommy pij2

So the movie could be called the day that you dare to use one of the most controversial trends in the spring season: the pajamas. Yes, the voguettes them looks good , but you do not wear a pair of Céline or your environment is as fashionable as for understanding the most extreme fashion. Still, let's take a chance on this trend that comes from afar and see some of the best pajama trousers looks from the catwalks.

Casual pajamas

Tommy Hilfiger selects the literal version, a pair of striped, relaxed and casual. Certainly nothing else, but this trend is as comfortable as you can imagine, suitable even for extreme heat days in which all the pants you are stuck to the legs. The lightness of this trend is undeniable.

I also like the soft version that proposes Chloé . Total look white, or green, as if instead of dropping straight from your home in your pajamas, salieras the hospital.

chloe pajamas

Stella McCartney is one of the designers who join pijamera fashion. I'm my mother if she heard him out and into the street, "With the cute things you have in your closet, do you put that?, It seems that you are wearing pajamas," or the comments of my partner, "You forgot to get dressed , beautiful. " Follow the latest trends is a hobby of risk and courage, I tell you.

stella pajamas

Sophisticated Pajamas

The more sophisticated versions of pajama pants as the satin fabric we have in pastel colors and flood it all. Ralph Lauren uses a beautiful palette of colors for your 20's collection: pink, mint green, yellow egg ...

ralph lauren pajamas

If I were a girl instead of a martini girl reeds, sure chose the option of D & G, a pair of pajamas in print scarf , white shirt and the entire collection of gold jewelry over. Including heels, of course.

dg pijk3

What do you think the styling?

dg pij23

Of course, fun pajamas must be printed, and should combine the jacket with the pants, the way of Jill Stuart.

jill stuart pajamas trend

And over my pajamas, how agouti coat? It seems that there are trends where there is no catch them.

jill stuart agouti

Out jokes, this trend will come to the street as palazzo pants, pants patterns, and be more digestible than seen on the catwalk.

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