Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Where's Alexa? On the cover of Elle UK ...


You know what I'm fan of this type of cover, a picture, a few headlines and nothing else. And Elle UK has conquered me. Why, why do we need more if Alexa Chung takes care of everything? You can be a fan of it or you hate, but it is undeniable that this cover is great with his mere presence. Sheathed in a sort of body of Louis Vuitton out of the Spring-Summer 2012, the it girl Chung shows us that there for a while.

The English edition has been assisted by Thomas Schenk in the picture. Although I wonder one thing ... those endless legs so they could get to heaven is yours or is work (a little) of Photoshop? E is the dilemma, and it seems that without this tool no one is safe ...

What do you think the end result?

Photo | Elle
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