Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Dictionary fashionista fashion: with flared E

Much has happened and we have put many items from that in 1915 the first woman to show her ankle. Corseted in a fashion that we were bound, arrived the 20 of the flappers and the joie de vivre before the Great Depression. And skirts came in a thousand shapes and patterns. Today in our special Fashionista Fashion Dictionary : flared skirt.

This beautiful word that describes a garment no less feminine, from the French. Means flared flared or wide mouth and therefore the meaning jupe evasèe meaning flared skirt, narrower at the waist than the hips or skirt in the form of A.

Fashion magazines and the media tend to write in its two meanings Anglicized French and flared, not included in the dictionary of the Royal Academy, so do not be surprised to see written in different ways depending on the day or the glamor you want print the editor to the description.
As is written in various ways, there are many designers and eras in which this skirt, eclectic where they exist, has triumphed. This autumn-winter is no exception and is found in collections such as Jil Sander in beautiful dresses evasé ...
O wonderful coats like the ones we presented a parade of Dolce Gabbana Sicilian inspired ornamentation.

Why survive the weather, fashions and changing habits? It is certainly one of the most flattering skirts in all kinds of shapes, both curved and more slender. It's feminine but practical, looks good on thin curves but also more robust and has a touch of retro goodness is imperishable by how good it feels to the female figure.

Now if you are short, do not use below the knee. And if you are tall exploits the tendency of maxi skirts in vogue today.

Do we dare to do it ourselves? Here's their pattern.

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