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Aldo and eternal sexualization of Terry Richardson


Terry Richardson is no box. No. It is the following. Of course, if Aldo commissioned a campaign then it can not dress the models with their lumberjack shirt and his eternal game of clones as "original". So what can you do if Aldo played with a fairly simple? Continue with sexualization of everything that exists.

Madonna and fashion: a symbiotic relationship that continues

madonna 6
The good thing about the constant reinvention of Madonna and thousands of changes in any good looks is a fan of Madonna may date any photo of his 30 years with a minimal margin of error. His style changes coincide almost millimeter each new album, movie or boyfriend, although several of these posiblilidades can cambinarse turn.

And these periods could be identified by the designer to Madonna lends her image in campaigns: Versace , Dolce & Gabbana , Louis Vouitton , ... or those hired to design the costumes for their tour or music videos or to dress in a red carpet .

madonna 7

Madonna has ever been on those lists of the best dressed that the fashion police do occasionally but still can not deny that his aesthetic criterion is spectacular and at key moments has always had a keen eye for identifying and bring the best, including his ground.

This week he released his album number 12, " MDNA "And is a good reason to do a review of their relationship with fashion.

Jean Paul Gaultier

JPG madonna

Perhaps the most iconic image of the singer is this. The Madonna of 1990 in full tour "The Blonde Ambition Tour" with pink corset and pointy bras. The French designer was responsible for all the costumes for the tour, a concert which was divided as usual on it in several blocks (Metropolis, Religion, Dick Tracy, Art Deco and encores) and everything revolved around making foreign underwear.

A concept that had already explored in 1986 in the video for Open Your Heart, directed by Mondino and where Madonna first appeared wearing a black corset with gold zippers on the sides and also golden tassels on her nipples.

It's very interesting to see the influence of the final look of Madonna (two sizes larger male costume shirt and sobmbrero) in some of the outputs in the Autumn / Winter 2011 Dolce Gabbana, other designers with keeping a great relationship .

Madonna 2

Also this work of Gaultier all vesturio of the tour "Confessions Tour", and many of his appearances in a red carpet were signed by him as in 1991 in Cannes or the slopes of all the Oscar in 1998 he completed a overtunic of Olivier Theyskens , the designer fetish for the release of the album "Ray of Light" thanks largely to a yellow dress she wore to the VH1 awards that year, and that would catapult designing for Rochas in 2000.
madonna 5


Madonna has never renounced his Italian roots and two of his fetishes are trademarks of this country, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana, as well as having a friendly relationship with the designers of the brand (which was with Gianni's sister Donatella continued its .)

With Versace has made ​​three campaigns, one with Steven Meisel (on this) and two with Mario Testino

madonna 8

one of which, the Testino for Versace Atelier also served as a cover image of one of their compilation albums called "Something to Remember", published in 1995.

madonna 12

With the addition of Dolce Gabbana recreate the Italian mamma in her campaign , launched a line of glasses and chose two key moments in his career: used one of their famous lingerie dresses to pick up his Golden Globe for Evita, and the selected as designers of all the costumes for the tour "Girlie Show" put on one of their corsets filled with stones in the New York premiere of the documentary "In Bed with Madonna" in 1991, and has come to count on them for a dress worn in the video "Give Me All Your Luvin '" .

Madonna 10madonna 11

Madonna and the "new talent"

madonna 13
In 1994 Tom Ford was appointed creative director of Gucci and a perfect tandem with Mario Testino and Carine Roitfeld is launching a collection inspired by Halston, 70's glamor, velvet and silk. Madonna gets the star pieces from the collection to asist Award MTV 1995 and makes Gucci again under the spotlight.


In 2001, for about 5 minutes was American cowboy style trend. We all remember the famous turn with big cowboy boots, cowboy hats, flared pants and American flags on T-shirts or any surface that could be printed. A Madonna wasted no time trend included in the cover of her album Music, and it had the cooperation of Dsquared both in the video "Do not tell me" as in designing the costumes for the tour "Drowned World "shared responsibility with the designer fetish singer, Gaultier, who was in charge of Japanese-inspired dresses and Spanish.

The list could go on for hours: Tisci designer of the tour "Sticky and Sweet" and that seems to repeat itself in this new tour, his taste for Galliano for some of its most important, the rediscovery of Vionnet with its film about Wallis Simpson, their relationship with top fashion photographers of the last 30 ... but that is another day.

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Pretty Ballerinas to conquer Hollywood

Hollywood Store

Pretty Ballerinas wants to conquer Hollywood and has done so by opening a new store in the heart of Beverly Hills, in 371 North Camden Drive.

Main actress, blogger soul: Ashley Madeweke presents his blog


Not quite 24 that I introduced the series that is succeeding today in the U.S. (Revenge) and today, by chance, I find a most curious Blog : Its author is one of the stars of that series. Yes, the English of the plot, Madeweke Ashley shares with his alter ego the same name and a taste for fashion. So much so do not hesitate to show your style on your page daily prsonal: Ring my bell.

Brian Atwood is passed to design bags

Brian Atwood collection of bags

It seems that Brian Atwood is not content just being one of the kings of the design of shoes (many stars opt for the models to walk the red carpet) and now wanted to try his luck with the design of handbags with a collaboration with the web which went on sale last March 28.

Chanel Little Black Jacket. The fashion world in 20 photographs

The celebrities, photographers and others in the fashion industry not only live to party. They already had their own in Tokyo and like other mortals, have to return to their duties and routine, but his routine is the dream of the delights that the monotony of the rest of humanity. After the feast comes the exposure and we finally have pictures of Anna Wintour, Claudia Schiffer and Uma Thurman in his tribute to the Little Black Jacket Chanel.

Chanel Little Black Jacket. The fashion world in 20 photographs

The celebrities, photographers and others in the fashion industry not only live to party. They already had their own in Tokyo and like other mortals, have to return to their duties and routine, but his routine is the dream of the delights that the monotony of the rest of humanity. After the feast comes the exposure and we finally have pictures of Anna Wintour, Claudia Schiffer and Uma Thurman in his tribute to the Little Black Jacket Chanel.

The Hunter also for the summer, now in version dancer

Dancers Hunter

The warm weather is here and this year will not need rain to get the Hunter, as the British firm, which has set the trend with its famous boots, has created a model version dancer to show off during this summer season . Renew or die.

Living with style: the weekly schedule of Jared (XXXII)

war "A declaration of war" movie to watch this weekend

Another weekend in sight to enjoy some of our spare time. And you have to squeeze butt to fly by. Therefore I propose some ideas to pass FETEN. Let's do it.

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Juanjo Oliva for El Corte Ingles: prices available to all

Juanjo Oliva for Elogy

Juanjo Oliva The designs are close to the average public, and does so with a special collection Spring-Summer 2012 created for the English Court, in particular for signing Elogy. Its goal is the democratization of fashion, so, wearing this line does not exceed 100 euros.

What is your favorite shoe for spring?, The question of the week

Jared replies

The question of the week appears because of our special shoes and accessories desired . While we will propose several ideas and trends that lead to the practice, now for you to share your taste in footwear following question:

What is your favorite shoe for spring?

Remember that the comments are in the corresponding question in Jared Answers, not in this post.

War at the Top (and obsession): Isabel Marant booties

Isabel Marant-boots-

Belong to celebrities whose style is copied around the world, but that is not all that share Kate Bosworth , Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley are also obsessed with brown boots Isabel Marant.

Miranda Kerr Isabel Marant boots

A Miranda Kerr might be called the "newcomer". Recently, it was with them, but since then no one can take them away. Whether strolling with your child, go to the doctor or even to travel, the model combined with denim garments, printed t-shirts, also from the French designer pants or leggings to knees.

Isabel Marant boots Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth is "veteran".'s been using since last summer by mixing them with mini-dresses and skirts patterned or more street style looks like this last boyfriend jeans and jersey knit, also from Isabel Marant. As you can see the obsession does not focus only on the feet.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Isabel Marant boots

And we have Rosie Huntington-Whiteley , whom we shall call the "minimalist". Not often risking their looks, which we rarely see any pattern. She is more than monochrome. Combine your boots with skinny jeans and bodies knitted or leather jackets.

Who do you think wins the battle?

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Revenge: between The OC and Gossip Girl, do we dazzle with outfits?


It seems that the formula of cute guys, young and wealthy work when riding a series (although there are always some who succeed more than others such as Gossip Girl VS. 90210 Beverly Hills). And we all like to imagine a life where money is not the problem and a closet bigger than current nuesros floors. So much so that in USA give us the passport to dream every night. First there was The OC, Gossip Girl followed and Beverly Hills. I love the series, which is why I am glad to discover new frames with this position.

Wedding dresses for evening, my choice is a long dress


Comes the wedding season and with them the stress of finding and catching an appropriate outfit. If your wedding is late, think no more: your choice is a long dress. Your stylist will be much more appropriate and succeed. In this post I recommend proposals for different type of wedding and for different budgets.

The silver shoes are seeking their place in our closet

Alexander Wang shoes palteados

They can give you a 360 degrees making it a sophisticated look or more depending on the model galaxy we choose. Are the silver shoes and seem to have come to stay in our closet, at least this spring-summer 2011/2012.

Follow Friday Fashion: What tweeters to follow on Twitter style (VI)

zara green dress

First of all Happy Friday to all Trendencieros! To begin the weekend of well, let's review some of the most fashionable Twitter account. If you like to tweet, you can not miss their tweets, and this Follow Friday is for them.

Innocence, mischief and taffeta. The new looks of the set of "Carrie Diaries"

Rolling, rolling, we watched. The shooting of the prequel to Sex and the City has us on edge mini Carrie will you be up to the original, the one and only? Will you continue the steps, and Manolos, AnnaShopia Robb of Sarah Jessica Parker ? Meanwhile, the film set is showing us a trickle of what is happening in life and in the wardrobe of the young Carrie.

Had a wonderful déjà vu ... and has become a reality 30 years later

I warned a few days ago, the cover of French had brought me a déjà vu that took me decades of the 90 and the wonderful Guess campaigns. I talked to Claudia, Cindy, Helena and campaigns that no recurrence of heart attack with some women femininity emanating from every pore of your skin. It seems that someone has heard and has made the déjà vu come true.

Cloned and plundered: the must of the summer are cheap version


It's amazing how low-cost firms do not stop cloning. Do not get tired! And his appetite seems that is not filled before. And week after week I bring you new clones and are becoming more equal. I have hallucinated, though often buy something at Zara or Mango do not know what that piece is inspired by another.

Sandals and low-cost Spanish for Spring-Summer 2012

Lottusse Lottusse

After take a look at trends in eleven sandals for spring-summer 2012 rather resented his pocket and the desire to become a fashion model it is inevitable. In order to open the range to other economic possibilities we now have a similar selection only with Spanish brands of shoes and other low-cost.

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Stradivarius party dresses spring summer 2012

Vestidos de fiesta de Stradivarius primavera verano 2012 Here are the new party dresses spring summer 2012 Stradivarius ! New Stradivarius dresses for your looks will point to the new trends of spring summer 2012 in holiday fashion at reasonable prices :).

The new party dresses for spring summer 2012 Stradivarius are targeted to the fashion of asymmetrical dresses with long rough-neck dresses back, floral prints, asymmetrical neckline dresses, dresses in white dresses lace, etc..

Do you like new Stradivarius party dresses spring summer 2012?

Vestidos de fiesta de Stradivarius primavera verano 2012 : escote espalda Stradivarius party dresses spring summer 2012: back neckline

The first dress is perfect for summer! It costs 19.94 euros and the second is also open at the waist 35.95.

Vestidos de fiesta de Stradivarius primavera verano 2012 : largo y con transparencias Stradivarius party dresses spring summer 2012: long and transparencies

This party dress Stradivarius costs 29.95.

Vestidos de fiesta de Stradivarius primavera verano 2012 : estampado de flores Stradivarius party dresses spring summer 2012: floral

Stradivarius has several summer dresses with floral prints in different styles, most of them are treated in asymmetrical dresses! Those who have long unequal cost 29.95, and 25.95 asymmetrical neckline.

Vestidos de fiesta de Stradivarius primavera verano 2012 : blanco Stradivarius party dresses spring summer 2012: white

The total look white or black combined with spring comes a lot this summer season, and Stradivarius have several dresses in white lace and embroidery. These dresses cost 29.95.

Why Stradivarius too successful? The new campaign looks say it all


About a month ago my colleague Andrea we presented the new season Spring-Summer 2012 Stradivarius signature . Outfits young, fresh and, best of all, very cheap. And have I told you a thousand times before I noticed this sign, but as they taking new looks and collections go clocking more and more clothes star. And all thanks to such great outfits as new campaign already mentioned, what do you think?

From controversial kisses and bananas. Fashion gives talk (much)

What would the corresponding fashion without controversy? Bored, as the great Franca Sozzani. These days the fashion industry is not only boring but its yawning has become exclamations. Many surprises and exclamation points are taking place these days and they do between kisses, bananas and junk food.