Saturday, March 31, 2012

Aldo and eternal sexualization of Terry Richardson


Terry Richardson is no box. No. It is the following. Of course, if Aldo commissioned a campaign then it can not dress the models with their lumberjack shirt and his eternal game of clones as "original". So what can you do if Aldo played with a fairly simple? Continue with sexualization of everything that exists.


It's quite tiresome to meet the same resources as always, that if bananas, if phallic symbols, totems, if converted into bars strip clubs, that if poles, if festive erotic poses ... the details as always. Anais Pouliot is the new face of the firm, a Canadian model that continues to grow in recent months as a gateway and campaigns.

Aldo palm

The ratio of Terry Richardson with Aldo campaigns goes back several years and the image of the firm remains unchanged. Aldo continues to grow slowly and providing accessible alternatives at an average price with current trends in footwear . To point this season the most colorful possible.

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