Friday, March 30, 2012

Cloned and plundered: the must of the summer are cheap version


It's amazing how low-cost firms do not stop cloning. Do not get tired! And his appetite seems that is not filled before. And week after week I bring you new clones and are becoming more equal. I have hallucinated, though often buy something at Zara or Mango do not know what that piece is inspired by another.

And if you look this week at Zara TRF we see that have appeared about military-style leather boots low. Well they have not been designed by the designers of the firm, but these have been deliberately merciless booties we introduced the signature Balenciaga .

¿Lover bags?

Do you love handbags as much as me? Would you die for this Fendi perforated? Your current account asks for leniency? Do not precupes signature H & M has launched this model is very similar and can calm your appetite for Fendi ...


I challenge you find seven differences between the bag Chloé and version of Uterqüe . Are you able to find only three? Two? I did that ...


Mulberry is one of my favorite companies (especially as far as bags are concerned). But high prices mean that they are just objects of desire (in my case). That's why I rejoice when I find so great as this clone rose Asos .


And finally The clone of all the clones: Jil Sander and hand bag triangular Asos online portal, who else?


You'll have a happy weekend!

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