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Crazy for knitting

YARNBOMBING YARNBOMBING In Madrid. The guerrillas of crochet

K ¿is a fad or here to stay? For the past three years many girls and boys have taken to knitting, crocheting, etc.. The question is to use your hands and creativity. A return to the past, the years when our grandmothers or mothers wove its scarves or clothing. The return of the craft is due to several factors: the crisis, stress and a return to the past and do things for yourself. It has also greatly helped by the fact that there are shops, associations and groups of arts and crafts. Of course, fans of many ages and include knitting have evolved. It not only makes mats grandmother but it has been updated and provided with modernity. To understand the phenomenon of weaving mad I did a survey among some girls tejeril fond of it to tell us their "goings."

There are different movements around the "knitting" such Yarnbombing called guerrillas or crochet hook. Are devoted to street art covering protests or areas of the city in point. The crazy / I of weaving also has a hero: "The crochetista masked" (top you have your own documentary).

Marby One of the "bugs" of MardyB

Name: MardyB.
Age: 24
Occupation: Student and unemployed
City: Madrid

Where does your love of knitting?

It's something everyone on several generations of my family, do as hobby, he taught me was my grandmother, my mother always says what happened to teach me because he has no patience and I was a little awkward (-_-) '. Besides making jokes aside, I learned to sew by making patterns projects, cross stitch, and play cards, grandparents! the well of wisdom (^ - ^).

mardyb The "bugs" of MardyB

Since when do you weave?

From 6 years or so. I was taught to read and write with 4 to 5, so they had to entertain myself with something, I guess.

What do you think of the phenomenon arts & crafts, back making things by hand etc?

I think it's something that brings more positive things than negative, way to explain a little better.
With greater demand on offer has increased, and materials, patterns, etc.., Who would not find easily a couple of years for example are now at our fingertips.
You do not look weird on the subway, and you can share this hobby with more people, plus you foster your creativity and always is a path to show another side of your personality.
But to create this kind of say "fashion" some people have tried to exploit as it were something that apparently is now modern and cool. I congratulate those who have taken an entrepreneurial idea of ​​this but for example 50 euros per class charge seems excessive.

Mardy3 The "bugs" of MardyB

Where you take your inspiration and ideas when creating your "works"?

I would not call it "works" I usually call them bugs because most of what I do tend to be cartoons.
It gives me fatal to follow patterns so I look online images that can like it or that I as a basis for something I want to achieve fault-based and ground to get Error (^ o ^)!

Tania Tania and her family heritage: K

Name: Tania Perez (@ finding_tan)
Age: 27
Profession: Specialist in Mobile advertising OMD
City: Madrid

Where does your love of knitting?

My mother has had a haberdashery life and you could say I grew up between needles and thread, bobbin making, cutting patterns, and entredoses bieses selling and making visits to the big back room of Uvillos (better known as Pontejos). In my house there is always some work started either my sister (true teacher) or just my mother and my sister is the one who taught me everything I know about yarn.

tania2 Neck wool made by Tania

Since when do you weave?

My first scarf I made 19 years but before that he had woven a few things but never to make garments were commonly used as I do now ;)

What do you think of the phenomenon arts & crafts, back making things by hand etc?

I love that has been exploited by both type blogs or networks Pinterest! pediendo think it was thanks to these networks has suddenly become much more accessible and applicable. I'm hooked on that part of Pinterest crafts and every night before I shot Domir a great time watching and getting ideas for applying these techniques to things we use every day, that's just what I think has done well explode! was useless to know knitting or sewing if you ended up not giving a current use that fits our lifestyle "modern" ..

TANIA3 Scarf by Tania

Claim any group or association in which you dedicate to knit without stopping?

My family think it fits the description of woven or sewn group where non-stop :)

Would I recommend stores to buy the material?

We haberdashery shop is beautiful in Daganzo de Arriba (but so close that practically makes orders at home) very specialized in all kinds of work adoraaaables materials. Blackoveja also, but with higher prices (of course, is in Sagasta 7 ...) is very bonias and wool fabrics.

Loam Marga wool hats traveling to Paris

Name: Margarita Palencia
Age: 51 years
Occupation: Educational Assistants
City: Toledo Sonseca

Where does your love to knit and weave from when?

In my little town with municipal people had to look for life in the industrial sector so that from mid-century XIX first with the blankets and then during the last century clothing, gloves first and then all kinds of garments, Sonseca has reached nearly 200 companies have point in past decades came to be called "Little Catalonia". Well as I was saying, small saw my mother all the time weaving with wool remnants of known getting theirs, jerseys made us all (we were seven) I hated because his favorite spot was the point I thought rice horrible, I think that's why I opted for the seam that has been my passion, but when my first son was a year I entered the Neuro make things very personal things: garter stitch, point crab ... chulísimas clothes, and so on with my other two boys. I stopped a long season, and some years ago when one of my sisters entered the terminal stage of breast cancer, the point was again a therapy in the long hours of companion, knitted hats and scarves nonstop while accompanying her, she color schemes advised me, I did so many that one of my children sold in college.

marga2 Hat made by Marga

What do you think of the phenomenon arts & crafts, back making things by hand etc?

I love it ALL! Bobbins, crochet, half, cutting and sewing. I like it because it is a way to unleash the imagination and creativity to develop manual skills, (and mental, for example with the roll) fine motor skills, etc.. And do not tell you because if we talk about restoration and recovery of old furniture, I love to give them a new life!.

vane Vanessa with her hat made by

Name: Vanessa Lopez
Age: 33
Profession: working in a multinational fashion
City: Madrid

Where does your love of knitting?

Well I have not very clear, because at home I've never seen, my mother does not know or sew a button. I was looking for a hobby, that was not all work, cane and then go home in a gym and I did not see me, so I went looking for inspiration on the internet I got the idea.

Since when do you weave?

Make more than two years, I started with the hook, making a Japanese technique called 'amigurumi' consisting of three-dimensional knit to shape and then to different reasons and with two needles.

vabe2 Girl hat made by Vanessa

What do you think of the phenomenon arts & crafts, back making things by hand etc?

I love that people start to value the handmade, Pinterest is also contributing to value and of course DIY social networks and blogs. I hope this is not temporary, although many of the people who are starting to weave the trend now end up leaving, but the important thing is that another lot will continue!

vanesa3 Vanesa granny squares made on his travels

Claim any group or association in which you dedicate to knit without stopping?

Every Tuesday I kind of two needles to Black Sheep (Sagasta, 7, Madrid) and belong to Wool Connection, a group of ganchilleras we try to put some more color to Madrid, performing different actions. My boyfriend is thrilled because I belong to the group, because it can not stop knitting and flooded the house crocheted rugs!

Bertha Bow Tie or pin point made by Berta

Name: Berta Catevilla
Age: 32
Profession: D2P manager (to print packaging design manager)
City: Madrid

Where does your love to knit and weave from when?

Always caught my attention and my grandmother made ​​me small beside him to give the garter stitch so 7 years ago when I moved to London I took a course to see if people knew, but I was overwhelmed in English and lasts a very little, actually 2 years ago I weave 'seriously'

What do you think of the phenomenon arts & crafts, back making things by hand etc?

I think it's good to come back into fashion around the theme of hope aunq craft q q be something more fashionable because we believe q to reassess things handmade. Besides the DIY promotes skills, you can socialize, relax, feel happy to do something for yourself and instill other values ​​such as being steadfast, constant ... this time of crisis also favors this movement and I think Slow is also necessary to get a bit the sources (although this sounds like a hackneyed hippie) to put everything in perspective a bit.

berta1 Cover cup Berta

Would I recommend somewhere I can initiate me into the world of knitting?

For me the best place is the Black Sheep (Sagasta, 7) but also the seam and there Meetups Tete monthly connection or groups such as wool knits dnd Madrid can learn.

berta3 Squares wool rug Berta

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