Thursday, March 29, 2012

From controversial kisses and bananas. Fashion gives talk (much)

What would the corresponding fashion without controversy? Bored, as the great Franca Sozzani. These days the fashion industry is not only boring but its yawning has become exclamations. Many surprises and exclamation points are taking place these days and they do between kisses, bananas and junk food.

Let's start with bananas. Dolce Gabbana just to prosecute the owner of the store Dolce & Banana . The above, 60 añazos, has a small local craft boutique in Cape Town. What things, not the Gabbana and many bananas for them.

If I may Mr. Gabbana, time and desire to have extras, here are a brief sampling of other potential targets for their lawyers. The location for me I keep it charged its minutes.
We have a delicious ice cream ...
A rogue ad ..
And to end the cotton shirt always necessary for the child and the child.
And the bananas we had to junk food. These days the publishing house that has been the talk and mouse of all has been done by Steven Meisel for Italian Vogue titled Haute Mess . Could be accused of many things and more, in bad taste, incitement to or glorification of overweight junk food. But what is that you never imagined could create controversy for being considered racist.
However, it has been and it had to speak from the director Franca Sozzani until one of its protagonists Jessica Stam.
She told the website fashionista has confirmed he does not know, no answer and made ​​us suspect that does not have much idea. About their response has been: what people think, oh, mmmmm, still some references, ummmmm.

A great speech characteristic of an endowment in the nation.

Franca Sozzani has been a little more explicit, to be director of magazine is what you have and in remarks to New York magazine says:

A racist image, I really do not understand. I Went Through the pages so many times. Like When We did the Black Issue, everybody said That we did that on purpose Because Obama Was The person CHOSEN to go to the White House, and if you just think one second, not more than one second, you can see That to make a like what we did magazine for the Black Issue, It Takes six months [to do]. People wanted to see ... an economical and the Financial [decision], just to get more money, Because We Talk About Black Issue, It's Probably Because the president is black. What do you answer? They do not know what it Means to work at a magazine. That's it.

Plasma plasma applause, especially the last sentence.

And we continue with another great, in this case Bruce Weber, who has been responsible for the first gay kiss photographed for the firm Abercrombie & Fitch. Images are fast running gazelle and which are of speeches here and there, including gay media like blog Queerty who says:

Between the gay dance anthems playing in the store and vintage-porn-looking hunks barely-there clothes modeling in ads, Abercrombie's marketing strategy has Always Been super-gay. Their ads ooze THOUGH But homoerotic pyrotechnics, they've gone and never Actually Shown us the full monty, the real act of affection Between Two hot dudes. Until now.

Or what is the same as Abercrombie has always been super gay in his advances and that it was time that these advances have come true.

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