Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Hunter also for the summer, now in version dancer

Dancers Hunter

The warm weather is here and this year will not need rain to get the Hunter, as the British firm, which has set the trend with its famous boots, has created a model version dancer to show off during this summer season . Renew or die.

A collection of charged ballerinas of color with black tip, the hallmark of so-called Curzon line, and made ​​in the same material as the boots, with your logo and buckle feature. An ultra comfortable, sure we start to see the celebrities. If Kate Moss caught on in the boot, who will be the tendency for dancers to mark?

Dancers Hunter

Pink, green, yellow, blue ... A rainbow of possibilities to match any look and go out marking style. There is also a model in black and white for another classic. Of course, like all brand models are a bit expensive, and at what price is 99 euros. Do you dare?

Dancers Hunter

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