Friday, March 30, 2012

Innocence, mischief and taffeta. The new looks of the set of "Carrie Diaries"

Rolling, rolling, we watched. The shooting of the prequel to Sex and the City has us on edge mini Carrie will you be up to the original, the one and only? Will you continue the steps, and Manolos, AnnaShopia Robb of Sarah Jessica Parker ? Meanwhile, the film set is showing us a trickle of what is happening in life and in the wardrobe of the young Carrie.

Imagine a scene: her latest boyfriend of institutions not full, it is up to the Manolos and walk barefoot in the park with his net and his American Gap. Carrie is so ...
And although the protagonist does not look at anything but the tale princess curls, put a tulle dress and a mini flight to Carrie and her character could be anyone. Eric Daman, the stylist of the show and also knows Gossip girl dresses and walks and safe.
And finally another touch Carrie in the pose, in the fall and in the face of what things happen to me when I pass.

Photos | CW

In Jared | Make way in the distance I glimpse a young girl Carrie Bradshaw

In Jared | AnnaSophie Robb will be the young Carrie Bradshaw

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