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Madonna and fashion: a symbiotic relationship that continues

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The good thing about the constant reinvention of Madonna and thousands of changes in any good looks is a fan of Madonna may date any photo of his 30 years with a minimal margin of error. His style changes coincide almost millimeter each new album, movie or boyfriend, although several of these posiblilidades can cambinarse turn.

And these periods could be identified by the designer to Madonna lends her image in campaigns: Versace , Dolce & Gabbana , Louis Vouitton , ... or those hired to design the costumes for their tour or music videos or to dress in a red carpet .

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Madonna has ever been on those lists of the best dressed that the fashion police do occasionally but still can not deny that his aesthetic criterion is spectacular and at key moments has always had a keen eye for identifying and bring the best, including his ground.

This week he released his album number 12, " MDNA "And is a good reason to do a review of their relationship with fashion.

Jean Paul Gaultier

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Perhaps the most iconic image of the singer is this. The Madonna of 1990 in full tour "The Blonde Ambition Tour" with pink corset and pointy bras. The French designer was responsible for all the costumes for the tour, a concert which was divided as usual on it in several blocks (Metropolis, Religion, Dick Tracy, Art Deco and encores) and everything revolved around making foreign underwear.

A concept that had already explored in 1986 in the video for Open Your Heart, directed by Mondino and where Madonna first appeared wearing a black corset with gold zippers on the sides and also golden tassels on her nipples.

It's very interesting to see the influence of the final look of Madonna (two sizes larger male costume shirt and sobmbrero) in some of the outputs in the Autumn / Winter 2011 Dolce Gabbana, other designers with keeping a great relationship .

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Also this work of Gaultier all vesturio of the tour "Confessions Tour", and many of his appearances in a red carpet were signed by him as in 1991 in Cannes or the slopes of all the Oscar in 1998 he completed a overtunic of Olivier Theyskens , the designer fetish for the release of the album "Ray of Light" thanks largely to a yellow dress she wore to the VH1 awards that year, and that would catapult designing for Rochas in 2000.
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Madonna has never renounced his Italian roots and two of his fetishes are trademarks of this country, Versace and Dolce & Gabbana, as well as having a friendly relationship with the designers of the brand (which was with Gianni's sister Donatella continued its .)

With Versace has made ​​three campaigns, one with Steven Meisel (on this) and two with Mario Testino

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one of which, the Testino for Versace Atelier also served as a cover image of one of their compilation albums called "Something to Remember", published in 1995.

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With the addition of Dolce Gabbana recreate the Italian mamma in her campaign , launched a line of glasses and chose two key moments in his career: used one of their famous lingerie dresses to pick up his Golden Globe for Evita, and the selected as designers of all the costumes for the tour "Girlie Show" put on one of their corsets filled with stones in the New York premiere of the documentary "In Bed with Madonna" in 1991, and has come to count on them for a dress worn in the video "Give Me All Your Luvin '" .

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Madonna and the "new talent"

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In 1994 Tom Ford was appointed creative director of Gucci and a perfect tandem with Mario Testino and Carine Roitfeld is launching a collection inspired by Halston, 70's glamor, velvet and silk. Madonna gets the star pieces from the collection to asist Award MTV 1995 and makes Gucci again under the spotlight.


In 2001, for about 5 minutes was American cowboy style trend. We all remember the famous turn with big cowboy boots, cowboy hats, flared pants and American flags on T-shirts or any surface that could be printed. A Madonna wasted no time trend included in the cover of her album Music, and it had the cooperation of Dsquared both in the video "Do not tell me" as in designing the costumes for the tour "Drowned World "shared responsibility with the designer fetish singer, Gaultier, who was in charge of Japanese-inspired dresses and Spanish.

The list could go on for hours: Tisci designer of the tour "Sticky and Sweet" and that seems to repeat itself in this new tour, his taste for Galliano for some of its most important, the rediscovery of Vionnet with its film about Wallis Simpson, their relationship with top fashion photographers of the last 30 ... but that is another day.

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