Saturday, March 31, 2012

Main actress, blogger soul: Ashley Madeweke presents his blog


Not quite 24 that I introduced the series that is succeeding today in the U.S. (Revenge) and today, by chance, I find a most curious Blog : Its author is one of the stars of that series. Yes, the English of the plot, Madeweke Ashley shares with his alter ego the same name and a taste for fashion. So much so do not hesitate to show your style on your page daily prsonal: Ring my bell.

Thus we can see how the actress is a faithful follower of trends: knowing that neon colors are the ultimate she does not hesitate to wear these jeans in fluorescent orange signed by Asos .


And though at times looks high cost items with brands like Alexander Wang , Chloé , etc., does not hesitate to show low-cost looks: ladylike dress sandals from Asos combined with Topshop . What do you think the end result?


Between my favorite looks? This much rock 'n' glam composed of leather pants from Topshop, vintage cotton shirt and boots Steve Madden .


What do you think your style?

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