Friday, March 30, 2012

Sandals and low-cost Spanish for Spring-Summer 2012

Lottusse Lottusse

After take a look at trends in eleven sandals for spring-summer 2012 rather resented his pocket and the desire to become a fashion model it is inevitable. In order to open the range to other economic possibilities we now have a similar selection only with Spanish brands of shoes and other low-cost.

Sandals as you

Sandals you

The variety of shoes as you with the various strips usually opt for a thinner design, but also in other varieties Cuplé if anyone likes this idea but prefer thicker.

Multiple straps in the sandal

Sandals strips

A foot securely passes through a sandal with a larger number of strips, which need not be synonymous with bad design, nor to revive cages years ago, but well-chosen strips like those of Kling or Mango .

An ankle insurance

Ankle Sandals

The ankle is subject to a thin strip, maybe a minimalist design that somewhat thicker. Make it stylish, if you may have contrasting materials and colors, as shown in this model of Zara or Malababa .

The party is fine with a heel

Thin heel sandal

The heel remains the finest choice for parties and does not change by much passing season. From a monochromatic sandal as Mango to a mixture of materials as in Magrit.

Walking Tall

Chunky heel sandals

With a larger surface area, thick heels have a great time and many brands and in many cases comfort is their main asset. From Sacha London to Pull & Bear .

Sandals at ground

Flat sandals

Not afraid to heel without having to think how it will end the day. Smooth and comfortable sandals ranging ideas or the mixture of materials Lottusse or simplicity with a bow on the instep of Miss KG.

A metal stand

Sandals metal

The gold remained the primary choice for many brands, even though the silver may be more popular in many others. Best in small details, like the pair of Magrit or the Asos crossed a couple all metallic.

The color blocks

Color block sandals

Mixture and mix. Facing any fear or serious and boring trend, the colored blocks remain alive and happy sandals. They can be of the same family as the model of Zara or more playing with contrasts such as Sacha London.

Ideas smoothed

Sandals cake

To avoid striking a sandal so we can always choose a simpler design. This season is the pastel colors to give the alternative. Well as the sandal combining Asos or monopolizing all the design and Uterqüe.

Esparto sandals + = summer

Esparto sandals

Summer is synonymous with esparto in my case. Comfort and freshness. The wedges (Pull & Bear) and platforms (Paco Herrero and Pepe Castell) opt for this material.

A braid

Braid Sandals

The designs are woven into all kinds of models of sandals, either flat like Camper or low-heeled, like Paco Herrero, even with wedge like Mango or Lottusse.

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