Friday, March 30, 2012

The silver shoes are seeking their place in our closet

Alexander Wang shoes palteados

They can give you a 360 degrees making it a sophisticated look or more depending on the model galaxy we choose. Are the silver shoes and seem to have come to stay in our closet, at least this spring-summer 2011/2012.

Celebrities silver shoes

And the good thing is that the silver shoes can be combined with other projected trends for the summer period such as mint green, in the case of Rachel Bilson , yellow dresses, the way it combines Nicole Richie or patterned pants, option for favors that Alexa Chung . Let your pants besides me crazy.

Shoes palteados bloggers

But not only the celebrities have joined the trend. Some bloggers already have their feet vein from a distance by opting for this material when choosing your footwear. Hanneli Mustaparta choose the version Sandal Alexander Wang (she can), Lovely Pepa for a simpler and stillettos Coco Rosa blogger opts for the glitter.

Silver shoes stores

In the shops you can find different styles to dress your feet in silver. Since the typical Roman sandals to boots and navigation through the platforms or sandals always bailed. On order: Roman sandals and heels are Mango, the glitter , the boots , Asos, the platform sandals and water , Topshop and peep-toe , Zara.

Photos | Gtres, ManRepeller , Hanneli , Lovely Pepa , Coco Rosa .
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