Friday, March 30, 2012

What is your favorite shoe for spring?, The question of the week

Jared replies

The question of the week appears because of our special shoes and accessories desired . While we will propose several ideas and trends that lead to the practice, now for you to share your taste in footwear following question:

What is your favorite shoe for spring?

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The question last week

The old fashion increasingly attracts more headlines and discussions like ours last week.

The sexualization of children in fashion has it changed the ethics of fashion or society?
The fashion and society are linked, an individual does not change without the other. The problem is that, without realizing the circumstances, the "kids" today are bombarded by the media and some bilateral: they make use of social networks without meeting the minimum age requirements, and they get to the level of people who have no age. Any teenager can now use your webcam and feel model, but when it comes to a girl of 12 years leads to quite an impression. Fashion is not guilty in this regard, although one factor among those who affect and are influenced by the society. We should all ask ourselves whether, in these circumstances, the children of today are no longer children.

Rolf brought his opinion:

For me it is society that makes the sexualization of childhood comes to fashion, we are instilling that everything is permissible, that everything can be photographed, that everything can be bought, it's okay because girls 12 to 14 years play at being adults ... and without realizing previously unthinkable limits are exceeded.

Echeverry Marce extended discussion with your contribution:

Fashion is not only a reflection of the evolution of society. All life the world has been sexualized because sex is a fundamental for the development of the species. Since selling beauty (makeup, perfumes, shoes, clothing, lingerie, etc..), Advertising has been used as a resource best incentive to buy, because you feel desire the @ with the opposite sex.

The inclusion of children in this crazy world of fashion was because after the 90 designers sold us the idea that beauty = youth, and we have bought completely. We applaud the unreal, we see an angel face with a body of girl walking down a catwalk and love it. We want to be them, we want to go back and look like. The only fashion shows put on our hidden desires beautiful fabrics, but what we want is not clothing, is the youth you saw.

The parents of these girls are models who must make wise decisions and instilling values ​​to not allow their hij 's burn valuable stages of their lives. All girls wanted to be models, put on our heels and lipstick mom. The problem is to include girls in fashion, is in turn a nice editorial content only for adults per child starring you.

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