Thursday, March 29, 2012

Why Stradivarius too successful? The new campaign looks say it all


About a month ago my colleague Andrea we presented the new season Spring-Summer 2012 Stradivarius signature . Outfits young, fresh and, best of all, very cheap. And have I told you a thousand times before I noticed this sign, but as they taking new looks and collections go clocking more and more clothes star. And all thanks to such great outfits as new campaign already mentioned, what do you think?


Navy blue shorts, shirt and blazer moles in salmon. Too? I think not, indeed, is a perfect look to go to college. Combined with some oxford think you can achieve a perfect tandem between chic and comfortable, what do you think?


Although there is always another version with navy blue pants as actors and not to teach both ...


Your day flowering

Oh sweet flower, have you escaped from the garden? If you have flower print ad nauseum, and how could it be otherwise here also show their versions. Are you one of those who choose to wear the trend in a blazer?


Or would you rather go at a steady pace with a pair of pants?


If none of the other two can not convince you that your garment is a skirt ...


What do you have like these new pictures?

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