Monday, April 30, 2012

The image of Spain in the 2012 London Olympics

One of the recurring problems of Spanish fashion is its lack of international exposure. Excite is a tremendous problem and not get link marked "Spain" with concepts such as quality and elegance spontaneously quickly as it does with other countries like Italy or France. In others, the concepts that are linked may be the simplicity and ease with modernity United States or England. In Spain does not exist.

"The worst is the business people who only see money and do not care about people," interview with La Casita de Wendy

The Wendy house

Taste for a different approach, by a vision of fashion away to topics that perfect woman in a foreshortened Barbie impossible to look like picture, original prints and garments with a philosophy of doing things at home and calm. Casita de Wendy is growing and reaching a wider audience reach. I cool, as I said in speaking of his catalog for spring-summer 2012 , from there to talk with Ivan Martinez, one of the creators of the Spanish company with the intention to tell us how they started, their greatest achievements and how to face the market right now.

Festival des Métiers. An encounter with the craftsmen of Hermès.


There are few occasions in which you can enjoy live and live to see how the craftsmen of one of the brands with more charm and mythical history of the world of fashion as Hermès. The occasion was unique. The exhibition was held in Madrid from 24th to 28th April in the Carlos Foundation Antwerp and free admission. I'm sure the exhibition was a success because on Saturday when I was full of people, it was almost impossible to take a picture. I hope many of you tuvierais the opportunity to see and if not, here I bring a "patchwork" of exposure. Hope you enjoy.

A bride in low cost

Bride Photo | Gonzalo Way

The wedding dresses are one of those acquisitions that seem most excessive in terms of expenditure to be used one day. I understand the passion that day up and want to be radiant, but the price amazes me. So when I read the tweet from my friend @ MiCantimplora with a wedding dress from Zara thought to look for other economic ideas. At that moment I remembered also the choice of wedding Marta Ortega , but that's another story.

Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply: The denim is the star of your wardrobe

Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Spring-Summer 2012

Carefree, bohemian and a strong individualism. This is the Spring-Summer 2012 Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply, Line younger Ralph Lauren, which is full of clothes in all versions of our preferred fabric: denim. Never gets old and is the star of your wardrobe !

Bershka Shoes Spring Summer 2012

Zapatos de Bershka primavera verano 2012 Here are the new Bershka shoes spring summer 2012! Bershka has sandals, heels, wedges shoes, slippers, platforms, ballet flats and the new trends in shoes spring-summer 2012 .

The new collection Bershka Spring Summer 2012 has some very nice shoes, attractive prices and with the latest summer sandals and other news with fluorine and pastel colors, tacks, tricolor designs, etc..

Do you like new Bershka shoes?

Zapatos de Bershka primavera verano 2012 Bershka Shoes Spring Summer 2012

1. 39.99 fluorine tricolor sandals 2. Heeled sandals studded wide and 42.99 3. Sandals 4 colors 39.99. Platform sandals in fuchsia 35.99

Bershka commitment sandals and dress shoes with fluorine fashion colors, high heels and platforms!

Zapatos de Bershka primavera verano 2012 Bershka Shoes Spring Summer 2012

Bershka is aimed at fashion shoes slippers but macarrilla version, studded with these slippers shaped skulls are so cute! They cost 29.99 euros.

Zapatos de Bershka primavera verano 2012 Bershka Shoes Spring Summer 2012

1. Chocks and tie with strips 39.99 2. Tricolor wedges with buckles 42.99 3. Esparto wedges in yellow studded fluorine 4.Cuñas 25.99 45.99

Bershka wedge shoes are more comfortable alternative to heels! And as you see the wedges come in different designs, in wood, esparto, tacuelas ..

Zapatos de Bershka primavera verano 2012 Bershka Shoes Spring Summer 2012

1. Vinyl fluoride 19.99 Dancers 2. Bicolor 22.99 flat sandals 3. 19.99 leather flat sandals 4. Yellow Dancers fluorine 19.99

And in flat shoes, Bershka proposes much fluorine colors, metallics and vinyl!

Dictionary of fashion: with L Little Black Dress

Short, simple and elegant are we talking about the latest film from Tom Ford omnipudiente? No, we talk about the Little Black Dress, a term much used as perhaps unknown. Today in our special dictionary of fashion : the Little Black Dress.

Necklaces spring summer 2012 fashion

Collares de moda primavera verano 2012 This spring summer 2012, the necklaces are one of the most fashionable accessories! No look or street style that I like not wearing a collar wonderful, and if someone asks me to help on a look out always recommend one of the fashionable necklaces !

I think we sufiendo a "fever" of necklaces, so take note of this trend!

Necklaces spring summer 2012 fashion

Collares de moda primavera verano 2012 I love this street style of kayture , certainly the best combined these two necklaces are the new collection for H & M!

Collares de moda primavera verano 2012

And that vintage style necklace H & M I love it! Clochet and also has taught in your blog!

Collares de moda primavera verano 2012 One of the main trends is that they are generous collars in sizes and colors fluorine, as it takes fashionagony , a DIY (you can HERE how to)

Collares de moda primavera verano 2012

Another necklace that I love about this season is this from Bimba & Lola Carla leading thefashionthroughmyeyes . It's a bit expensive, but beautiful!

A stone about his neck (and arm, hand, to the ears)

Bachelor savior jewelery

I do not mean to say is that lately, the jewelry that catches my attention most is the one with large stones in it. Weigh, weigh a while, but I like my neck, my arm, my fingers or my ears carry stones of all colors. The ethnic and exotic jewelry is fashionable this Spring-Summer 2012. You will find mixed with gold in Salvador Bachiller.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Five halftime jackets in two versions: high class and low cost

streetstyle halftime jackets

Today we bring you five proposed halftime jackets, each with two prices: more expensive, and cheaper, so that all find their piece of semi coat for this season. And is that because it Sayqueen , better add a raincoat over our spring attire, because when you least expect it, you surprised a shower. Women prevented forearmed.

Farewell and close the Malaga Film Festival: finally get the looks in style

alonso clear malaga

Last night was the closing gala of the Malaga Film Festival and at last we have seen a few looks worthy of a red carpet. And what has cost us. Because there are actresses who can do well and correct each event, while others, well, it seems that fail even as a joke. As a result, we have had days that have been at least looks puzzling. A short, others long, and each in its Ball. Good thing the label last night was clear. So we thank looks as bright as the beautiful Clara Alonso .

The look of the week from 23 to 29 April: Spanish with international flair

Camilla Belle Tribeca Film Festival

This week our looks are marked by much Spanish air, seen mainly in the Malaga Film Festival, combined with international touches like Camilla Belle and Victoria Beckham. Flores, ethnic prints, classic black and white or pastel colors are the stars of our Weekly styling.

The look of the week from 23 to 29 April: Spanish with international flair

Camilla Belle Tribeca Film Festival

This week our looks are marked by much Spanish air, seen mainly in the Malaga Film Festival, combined with international touches like Camilla Belle and Victoria Beckham. Flores, ethnic prints, classic black and white or pastel colors are the stars of our Weekly styling.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oysho bikinis and beachwear 2012

Bikinis de Oysho y ropa de playa 2012

We review the new collection of 2012 Oysho bikinis and beachwear to tell you the latest trends in swimwear 2012 Oysho!

This season Oysho has the new trends in 2012 bikinis , bandeau bikinis like, the bikinis with ruffles and floral prints, and new minimal style swimsuit in black and strapless.

Oysho has new pictures of her spring summer, a new catalog of Oysho with some very nice photos with its new products for the beach and bikinis!

Oysho bikinis and beachwear 2012

Bikinis de Oysho y ropa de playa 2012 Bandeau style bikinis proposed Oysho, fluorine colored bikinis and pastel ruffles, tropical-print bikinis ... But how beautiful are the Oysho bikinis!
Bikinis de Oysho y ropa de playa 2012 Also in Oysho there swimsuits , which are very minimal retro style!
Bikinis de Oysho y ropa de playa 2012 Oysho also have clothes and dresses for your looks silver and pool!
Bikinis de Oysho y ropa de playa 2012

Like the new collection of bikinis and beachwear Oysho?

Last weekend Malaga Film Festival, stylish and without it

angy fernandez malaga

The mystery of the Red Carpet homelands still not disclosed. Why are people so bad when you saw all the lights are put on them? A lack of judgment, default or simply tasteless? Fortunately, there are honorable exceptions to the continuing disaster of style. This weekend ends the Malaga Film Festival, and with it the best and the worst in the style of Spanish actresses.

"The family has been a concept that we handle a lot but you have to go to the individual," interview with Carlos Valderrama of C & A

CA look

Carlos Valderrama is the marketing director of C & A for Spain and Portugal. It is he who brings the corporate vision of the Dutch company and explains at what point is one of the international fashion chains more strongly in some markets, like Europe. The importance of marketing is crucial for fashion and even know what are the strategies that each company decides to promote.

Pretty Ballerinas with the Olympic Games for sports dancers

Pretty Ballerinas Olympics

Pretty Ballerinas are always on special occasions. And this summer, as many firms, wants to be part of one of the events of the year: the Olympic Games in London. Therefore, the firm specializes in dancers, has created a special collection inspired by and dedicated to the sport where he has combined the design, innovation and the latest technology applied to footwear.

Patricia Conde opens the closet closet Hook Tele does it still?

Count eat patricia

The online store of TV Shows The Wardrobe raises Patricia Conde as a style icon. Since it disappeared from daily television programming, recently we heard from her. Lost news about other celebrities like Paula Echevarria or Eugenia Alonso, who, thanks in part to their blogs, mark style, trend and become a juicy target brand as an image. What comes out in their blogs is sold. And I wonder Patricia Conde still has the same hook as before?

Yes, I do not want. Collection of Women'Secret just married (boyfriend dispensable)

In this wedding does not need a boyfriend. Who wants a can when you can enjoy the sweetness of the wedding night without hangovers, without extravagance inviting half the city and stress? Women's Secret launches Just Married collection for those who want to marry or for those who want to pamper yourself.

Leighton Meester in black lace singles

Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester was yesterday in Shanghai, China in one of his usual promotional events, with increasing presence in the Asian country, and let one of your look with a romantic and always betting on black base, which incorporates the socket . An idea to take note of face-to incorporate the wardrobe staff.

Living with style: the weekly schedule of Jared XXXV

essie nail mixture

We expect a loooong weekend ahead jumper (especially the locals, who have the Wednesday party tip). So we have time to enjoy and a thousand plans. For example, you have time to get a full manicure and if you go with the latest trend, paint your nails with different colors. Is the new fashion, nail varnish mix of different tones but the same range, for example, of pastel hues.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Fashion for men: the price of low cost


A few days ago, my partner JaviDear talking about the subjective limit of what is low cost fashion , one of the most controversial and recurrent right now with this type of industry on which there is no clear answer from Fashion for Men .

C & A or the paradigm of overcoming a branding on a custom market


The world marks their most complex lives at the same time more exciting as each day there are more challenges to overcome and create new. Selling a brand at the moment is not based solely on the product, the brand is everything and creating the lifestyle associated with it is essential. This diversification is key and the large textile companies are creating different branches depending on what they sell to public interest them, even to be cases where these do not even know what the firms that have the same company. To every rule there's an exception, today's C & A.

The Way We Were: the catalog of Victoria's Secret, 1979

victorias secret
The beautiful nymphs of Victoria's Secret takes time gaining attention but did not imagine that much. Their catalogs and fashion shows are of great excitement and have ladies and gentlemen glued to the TV rather than in the last chapter of Twin Peaks. But Victoria's Secret is not a girl and already has a long history. I love remembering the past and what we were, guess the low cost that Carrie would look like a teenager or watching Heidi Klum posing at 19. Have we changed? Have they changed Victoria's Secret catalogs?

Fantastic Company Spring-Summer 2012: come and bow tie will

Fantastic Company 3

Fashion brands such Kling, Great company PepaLoves or are having some success in the Spanish fashion scene and partly abroad. His achievements are to present clothes with different designs available. Fantastic company committed to simple clothes and current romantic and dreamy youth. What do you think your designs?

A case for a bridge. The bloggers wear the low cost of H & M and it looks chic high

He warned. I fell totally in love with the latest proposals from H & M with Jessica Hart . I liked their colors, their inspirations, their clothes, hair, ten model ...! And that has not been approached by any H & M , not wondering do I do now to put in my suitcase for this bridge? After seeing the bloggers with the garments of the spring signing the answer is ...

Spring Summer 2012 Bags

Bolsos primavera verano 2012 Do we see trends in handbags spring summer 2012? This season bags are full color, especially fluoro colors and shoulder bags and satchel type!

Another trend is the hard bags, bags with printed ethnic shopping bag type bags, retro designs, etc..

Here are the bags of various brands, with models that take this spring summer 2012!
Bolsos primavera verano 2012

Spring Summer 2012 Bags

This spring summer in fashion handbags in pastel colors and fluorine , which are trend-setting colors! A good example of this trend are these bags shopper Zara that are in coral, yellow, green and more options are made ​​of leather and cost 59.95.

Bolsos primavera verano 2012

Spring Summer 2012 Bags

Look, these are beautiful bags! Also new in handbags spring summer 2012 are ethnic style bags with beads and colored beads! This envelope is Parfois !

Bolsos primavera verano 2012

Spring Summer 2012 Bags

Also new this summer are the satchel bags, as it takes clochet !

Bolsos primavera verano 2012

Many stores have these slings in fluorescent tones, perhaps my favorite is the plastic version of Misako and cost 24.29!

Bolsos primavera verano 2012

Spring Summer 2012 Bags

Also new are the raffia bags in all its versions, both baskets of summer and shoulder version! This bag is for White and costs 22.99.

Bolsos primavera verano 2012

Spring Summer 2012 Bags

I also love the new bags that combine different colors and patterns, like this retro handbag Massimo Dutti that costs 125.

Bolsos primavera verano 2012

Spring Summer 2012 Bags

And as for 2012 evening bags this spring summer bags have long rigid, like this H & M costs 19.95.

Do you like this selection of handbags spring summer 2012?

Scarlett Johansson looks at the premieres of The Avengers

Scarlett Johansson at the premiere of The Avengers

Scarlett Johansson walks his way through Europe in the premieres of his latest film, The Avengers, which just opens today. She walks the red carpet on their different choices some more successful than others.

Nude on nude, sure hit

vintage collage nude

Can everyone go crazy this summer with neon colors, with green mint, pink, to red, with blue or with the thousands of tones macarons we flood this spring. But I'm just simple things, and if I have to choose a tone that would be the nude. It is great if you apply it to a total look, tone on tone or if you mix it with other colors such as white. Take ideas for this spring in nude.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

White Spring-Summer 2012: summerlicious, or whatever it is, a delicious summer

White Spring-Summer 2012

White treats us to a second line of summer clothing laden with color and very suggestive, where bathing suits and clothes are the stars light. Low cost is the style that is raging between the looks of it girls and street-style.

The Way We Were: The first photo shoot with Heidi Klum

heidi klum
One of the magic of film sequences, the end of The Way We Were strikes me as the best title for an image that runs through the online fashion gossip. Not stolen, not photoshopeada and is not false. Heidi Klum , the goddess of eternal legs and smile of newly elected president, has posted on his twitter a picture that reminds us who we were and who we are.