Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The bicycle do transportation or add more?


The bicycle is one of the best means of transport is today: you play sports with them, you move from place to place and not pollute. Some cities (like Amsterdam) that lend themselves more to this vehicle and its use is safer than on other cities. But for a while until an hour the bike is more than a means of transport. It's a culture. An object of desire. The best complement to your outfit.

And not worth any model, no. To be cool you have to be a vintage model, and if you have wicker basket the better. What amuses me the matter is that in most blogs where I see this 'snap' the girls are clad in high heels very unfit to go back and forth. Hanneli dear, you're more out there, but that image up your bike with platform boots ... No.

We continue with the wedges from one side to another and now it's the turn of the Dutch owner of Fash 'n' chips. Surely she is an expert on that to go on two wheels but how STAF use it every day on the pedals?


More serious is the case with the author of Miss Pouty. She goes further and decides to try his luck with stiletto heel shoes. Now that's courage and the rest is nonsense. But things such as: the image is ideal bicileta protagonist.


And finally, the most sensible of all: Song of Style. Flats for an afternoon walking the streets of Los Angeles. Now that's charm, glamor and style reduced to the simplicity of the moment. Fan absolute this girl!


What do you think of this new trend?

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