Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Could not you make with your sunglasses Lanvin x H & M? Get a second chance ...


What a joy it gave me the body! I'm happy, is that just a year ago (I remember this tragedy as if it were yesterday), I broke my sunglasses signed by Lanvin x H & M. I admit that at first I bought them to fool around (I saw them too big) but as I was getting to me were enjoying more, more, more and more. But what can you expect from a model that costs 19'90 €?

At first I was worried, because in my first thought was to buy them on eBay. Ok, sure I was going to cost a bit more, but was willing to pay for them but ... Bang! Disappointment in sight: people are like me and the few models that are on the network are sold to almost 200 €. Incredible but true.


So now the Swedish firm has decided to launch models that closely resemble it (a lot) by 9'90 €. And I have done for me and one of them (just in case). But like everything in life there is a big 'but': they are much larger than I left over the sides ...


Although, honestly, the model I want (or yes) is the blue sky, but still have not seen him around the store. Will my new add-fetish?


Do you like it as much as me?

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