Sunday, April 22, 2012

Crafts class: the faded jeans at the time. Thanks DIY!


Things to do this Sunday afternoon? The best answer is crafts. Let's play to decorate your clothing (such as when we were little) and enjoy the latest trends for very little. Today I show you how to make jeans like those of the author after DRK . Theirs are unique, as it has done at home and on his blog shows us the steps we take to look like her. Do you urge one?

Step by step

All it takes is a pair of jeans for the experiment, bleach, rubber 'chicken' and latex gloves. Voilà! In her case she has chosen a skinny Levi's Curve ID. I have the same in the same key, but I will not experiment with them, I have too much appreciation for them, so I opted for some old. Very old.


Once we have everything, the next step is to soak the garment in water. Empápalos escurres well and then a little.


Once we soaked and drained comes the part where we have to decide if we want to tie dye lot or not. To do this we must go by tying the jeans with the rubber chicken. How much more will we tie more tie dye.


Now comes to the mixture. Take a large bucket and mix well water with bleach. In fact it is recommended that for every 1.5 liters of water add two cups of bleach but honestly, people do it by eye. Whatever. The case is that the bucket must be full pants to immerse themselves well. When ready put the jeans in and wait ...


How much should we expect? There is an approximate time, but after an hour or so go down as the tissue is becoming increasingly clear. When you have the key you want to take them out with bleach water, remove the tires and esbándelos well.


It is advisable to do a 'test' with a model that we do not like much if we relocate we go wrong ... But a distaste for the result blogger has been ideal. What do you think?


I have no skill, where can I buy?

If you are from the experience you do not like you can find many models in each of the low-cost stores. For example, in Asos version sold boyfriend.


But if you like them more discreet can you like these models more Mango and Zara (respectively).


Other techniques

You do not like the effect faded apart? Try just fade the tips of your jeans and get a completely different but equally great.


Are you going to implement today's experiment?

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