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Do you keep some clothes in your closet for years only because it brings back good memories?, The question of the week

Jared replies

Many times the items we have in our closet views have a long history that binds us to them. Thus, even when passed fads, trends, years and carvings, save it in your wardrobe forever. This week I invite you to pledge what kept them contéis years and reason why.

Do you keep some clothes in your closet for years only because it brings back good memories?

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I have to confess that I keep a pair of pants for more than ten years because I serve better than any scale to see how I weight and if I gained or lost weight. So far I've kept pretty good weight and fits easily in them, but I've been a couple of years (through pregnancy) will not even try. But do not lose hope, and the garment will stay with me for long.

The question last week

Last week we talked about the two titans of Spanish fashion, Zara and Mango.

Where would you like to buy more, Mango or Zara?

And the truth is that there has been a lot of involvement on your part and that the answers lead us ... to a stalemate. Here are two comments:

Esther Moncusí prefer Zara:

Zara, no doubt, is what you wear as you like best, because of the quality of the fabrics, there is less quality in Mango and although a little more classic, you serve for another season. Congratulations to Zara.

While De Lioncourt Allyenna remains with Handle:

Undoubtedly, Mango. T-Mango I have lasted longer than any I have bought in Zara (and substitutes), and although they have somewhat higher prices on some things (not at all in others are cheaper), honestly, I prefer to pay the 30 € for a shirt that does not handle one of Zara, in a couple of months and has ball and the tissue appears to be several years.

I do not like the clothes and the quality of Zara recent years, honestly, I seem to have climbed on the grapevine enough. Therefore I have come to see items more expensive than Cortefiel or El Corte Ingles.

Also, what Natalia says, it seems that you measure six feet or looks good on you or anything: S
To cap it all, now that I live in London, Zara clothing here is very expensive compared to prices in Spain, and for that, I'm going to Moonsoon or the like which have better quality.

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