Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Drilled ins are on the rise, are you going to do with one?


For some time Olivia Palermo headed not our posts but for a few days (and their two appearances by Zara ) does not stop. And that is the ultimate in accessories are drilling, and if I have to choose, I'll stick with it: Polka Dots handbag Balenciaga . I love it! Who could be Palermo to wear it well.

Of course, not all can aspire to it. So? What is the problem? None, because financial firms have already stepping up and present their versions for this Spring-Summer 2012. The dilemma is, by what you're going to decant? ¿Bag or shoe?

A bag for every day

The bags are a perfect complement to show trends of the moment: risk, but also do not tire as much (or not so quickly go out of style). If you start to like it but do not want to abuse you choose one of these models.


  • White Waist Asos
  • Shopping bag in black from H & M
  • Topshop white bandolier
  • Blue and white Clutch Uterqüe
  • Red Clutch Forever 21

And of course, a trend that goes Zara goes for it. This time with his (now) legendary handbag mini version available in all colors of Parcheesi. Which one would you choose?


To the rhythm of your steps

For lovers of shoes this trend is also present in them. So not to worry, if the bags could not convince you that make these models.


  • Orange Halls Topshop
  • Beige leather sandals Uterqüe
  • Shoes dporte of DKNY
  • Dancers golden Zara

What do you think these choices?

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